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Who was Jurgen Conings ( Neo-Nazi soldier found dead ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Jurgen Conings

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An anti-containment sniper nicknamed “Belgian Rambo” was found dead today after a chase.

Neo-Nazi soldier Jurgen Conings , 46, was on the run, armed with a rocket launcher, a machine gun and a ten-man “target list”.

Belgian police said his body was found in a forest near Dilsen-Stockhem.

They said initially it appears the body was Conings and he committed suicide, but there will be further investigation.

Conings disappeared from his headquarters last month declaring to virologists and the “political elite” a twisted personal war against Covid bans.

Belgium’s most experienced expert, Professor Marc van Ranst, feared it was one of his main targets and was taken to a safe police house.

“Unfortunately, he is a sniper trained in heavy armor, military equipment and weapons,” he told the BBC.

“So these are the kinds of people you would rather not see, who are looking for you. ”

He revealed that shortly before he was forced into hiding, he discovered the “heavily armed” Conings outside his house.

Apparently the sniper was waiting for him to return from work, but Van Ranst, his wife and their son were already home.

Urged to stay away from windows, not to go out and stay in a secret place, van Ranst described the situation as “surreal”.

“We are not afraid, we are just careful. It is quite surreal, but it is better to know than not to know, because at least I can take these precautions,” said the professor.

He added: “If you watch TV multiple times a day for months, people will get tired of you. It is inevitable.

“There is a group of people who hate science and hate scientists. Very often they are afraid and insecure.”

Conings is the violent realization of many anti-containment activists, anti-Vaxxers and conspiracy theorists who claim that Covid is a high-profile hoax.

Belgian authorities have described Conings as an extremely dangerous man who has been spotted on the terrorist lists for years.

Before disappearing, he emptied his bank account and took an unknown amount of ammunition and anti-tank missiles.

Soldiers chased him through Belgian forests, in scenes similar to Sylvester Stallone’s classic First Blood, which earned the extremist the nickname “Belgian Rambo”.

He left letters denouncing the lockdown restrictions and saying he was ready to die to fight them.

The security services were faced with the question of why Jurgen Conings was not treated earlier and how he was allowed to fulfill his role as a weapons training officer.

Jurgen Conings was also concerned that he had accomplices to help him and was a member of a fascist militia known as the Flemish Legion.

He has been actively studied since August 2020 after trying to find out the address of Professor van Ranst.

And it was labeled “potentially violent extremism” in early 2021.

The would-be terrorist had served in Afghanistan and Libya and had been a member of the Belgian army since he was 18.

In the note he left after his disappearance, Jurgen Conings said: “The so-called political elite, and now virologists, decide how you and I should live.

“They sow hatred and frustration. I can’t live with lies.”

Professor van Ranst added that he was very concerned about Conings’ online support with a Facebook group of 50,000 members.

He said, “These are real people who really think this man is a hero and that I deserve to die.

“These are the people who live in your neighborhood and who are betting on when and with how many bullets he will kill me.”

When asked if he had a message for Conings, he replied, “Why would I want to have a conversation with someone who hates me and wants to kill me?”

Hundreds of special forces soldiers raided the forests of Hoge Kempen park near where their car was found abandoned in early June.

This followed a military operation in which some 600 soldiers, including those from the Netherlands and Germany, could not find him.

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