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Who is Justin Bieber (Denies s*xual Assault Accusations)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber speaks after being charged with s*xual assault.

On Saturday June 20

On Saturday June 20, a woman who identified herself as Danielle claimed that Bieber had s*xually assaulted her on March 9, 2014. In her tweet, Danielle wrote: “I am posting this anonymously because I am not ready to go ahead and reveal myself. If he comes across that, you know who I am. I know you remember me. I hope your life is hell after that and you drown in guilt . ”

Woman accusing Bieber of s*xual assaul

AND! The news reached the woman accusing Bieber of s*xual assault, but had not yet received a response at the time of publication.

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Bieber went to Twitter

Sunday, June 21, Bieber went to Twitter to respond to allegations of s*xual assault.

“I don’t normally talk about things, because I’ve dealt with random charges throughout my career, but after talking to my wife and my team, I decided to talk about a topic tonight,” he wrote in a tweet. “Rumors are rumors, but s*xual abuse is something I do not take seriously. I wanted to speak immediately, but out of respect for so many victims who face these problems on a daily basis, I wanted to make sure I gathered the facts before you do anything. ”

“In the past 24 hours, a new Twitter has appeared that told one of my stories of s*xual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin, Texas, at the Four Seasons hotel. I want to be clear. There is no of truth in this story. In fact, as I will show soon I have never been there. ”

Apparently, referring to Danielle’s claims, Bieber explained: “As your story said, I surprised a crowd in Austin at Sxsw, where I went on stage with my then stage assistant and i I sang a few songs. What this person didn’t know was that I watched this show with my girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez “.

In a follow-up tweet, Bieber shared a 2014 article that “talks about Selena with me”. He also shared photos that “show me clearly on stage with my assistant and the other with us on the streets of Austin later in March 2014”.

According to Danielle’s account

According to Danielle’s account of the events, she met the singer at an event organized by Bieber manager, Scooter Braun. She said that after the show, a man approached her and her friends and asked if they wanted to meet the singer.

In addition, she claimed that she and her friends had joined Bieber at the Four Seasons. “Justin’s friend brought my 2 friends to a room and he took me to another room,” Danielle said in her Twitter statement, before adding that she asked Bieber where Gomez was. talk, “he told me don’t worry. and let her come to the room later. “

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