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Kadan Rockett

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The Rocketts, a magical duo of children Brooklyn Rockett and Kadan Rockett who made a name for themselves on reality TV for America’s Got Talent, were arrested for making themselves disappear.

Brother and sister Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett

Brother and sister Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett, who delighted Simon Cowell in the 2016 AGT semi-finals, were arrested last week in Farmerville, La., For refusing to go with trying police. TMZ reported to return her to her mother.

A judge in Missouri ordered the heated rendition in the ongoing custody battle with her father. 15-year-old Kadan and 13-year-old Brooklyn have reportedly lived in California with their father for years.

Local law enforcement agencies notified the point of sale that they had documents authorizing the transfer of the children, which came from a 2019 court order issued by a Missouri judge.

In video footage of the tense confrontation around a kitchen table, the teenagers claim they are afraid of their mother – but one policeman tells them sternly, “You have no choice, there is nothing. Complain. You have to come with us. Let’s go.”

If the “AGT” magicians refuse to bow, PRESTO! The policeman immediately starts reading them their rights.

“I beg you to go – or you will be arrested.” If they don’t answer immediately, the officer shakes Kadan’s arm and handcuffs him while Brooklyn sobs and wipes away tears. You can hear her father, Bart Rockett, say, “I love you guys.”

Brooklyn Rockett Family

The Rockett’s mother and father divorced in 2010, and custody has apparently been raging ever since. There was a similar incident in October 2019 involving the Missouri children and police.

Kadan and Brooklyn, who were in Louisiana for their grandmother’s funeral at the time of their arrest, were held overnight at the Green Oaks Detention Center in Monroe.

A family judge has sealed the cases – but the kids are back with their pops for now.

“My” Babies “are FREE and SAFE !!!! I’m not allowed to post court records at this point due to a gag order, but I can tell you they are free and safe !!! (and very, very, very happy right now and hungry !!!!) “, Bart posted on Facebook with a photo that was taken in the detention center.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers and support !!!! We can never say thank you enough. I have tears in the eyes trying to type this, it seems that long nightmare is just over.

Kadan then replied on his own FB page, “I’m going to write a book one day. Maybe even make a lifelong film. “”

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