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Kandice Barber

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A married British teacher convicted of sending topless photos and videos of himself masturbating to a 15-year-old boy is currently on trial for having sex with him.

Last September, 35-year-old Kandice Barber was convicted of communicating sexually with a child at Aylesbury Crown Court when it was discovered that she had sent the obscene photos to the teenager via SnapChat, the BBC reported.

However, the jury was unable to reach a verdict of “provoking or inducing a minor under 16 to engage in a sexual act” and a retrial was ordered.

On the day the retrial opened Monday, the court heard that the boy was “worried and scared” when stories of her alleged sexual encounters with Barber spread around the school.

However, according to Bucks Free Press, Barber warned the student that if her relationship was ever found out, she would “accept” it.

On Monday, prosecutor Richard Milne told the court that Barber received the boy’s phone number on a school sports day in September 2018 and began texting him.

He said the news had advanced and about a month later, Barber asked if the two could meet outside of school.

“She suggested nearby fields that he knew about,” Milne told the court.

“She thought she wanted to go to a private place because she maybe she was worried that they would see them together and be teachers and students.

“She asked him if she wanted to have sex. She said she did and they had sex for about five minutes.

She “she took her shoulders, she leaned forward. She lowered her leggings and pulled up her red coat, “Milne said.

The Sun reports that the court also heard that Barber texted the boy during class saying, in a text message, “You can’t make me blush while I’m teaching now, Pokerface.”

However, things started to get ugly when rumors about the two’s alleged ties began to circulate at the school.

Barber also reportedly told the boy that she was pregnant and that the baby could have been, but then she miscarried.

According to The Mirror, in a video interview posted in court, the boy said he was encouraging her to get rid of the news.

Barber also reportedly threatened to “shut it down” if her relationship was discovered.

“I panicked and didn’t know what to do in this situation … I didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

“I told my friends (through the news). They were surprised not to expect it from a teacher … they didn’t believe it. “”

The process continues.

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