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Who was Kareem Nikoui ( US service member killed in the Kabul airport attack ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Kareem Nikoui

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The identities of 13 American soldiers killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber outside Kabul airport while overseeing the evacuation of thousands of American and Afghan allies.

The names of Navy medical personnel and five Marines involved in Thursday’s blast have been made public, while the identities of five other Marines and two Army soldiers have not yet been made public as the Army tries to inform your families.

We continue to mourn the loss of these Marines and pray for their families. We are now focusing on caring for dead families and caring for the injured, ”Major Jim Stenger, a spokesman for the marines, told The Post via email.

According to the protocol, the military did not release information on dead soldiers until 24 hours after relatives were notified, but several deaths had been independently confirmed by family members and local authorities prior to that time.

This is what we know about dead American soldiers.

Kareem Nikoui

Kareem Nikoui was originally from Norco, California. His father didn’t realize his son had been killed until a group of Marines showed up on his doorstep, the Daily Beast reported.

“I haven’t been to bed all night,” said the heartbroken father in the shot.

“I’m still in shock. I couldn’t understand everything that was going on.”

He said his son “loved what he did” and “always wanted to be a Marine.”

“I really loved this [Marine Corps] family. He was dedicated: he was going to have a career and he wanted to go. I don’t hesitate when they call him to work, ”said Dad.

Before his deployment to Afghanistan, Kareem Nikoui was stationed near Camp Pendleton and often drove home on weekends, taking “10 to 15 other Marines with him,” his father told The Daily. Beast.

“My wife and I were honored that these other children were not at home, that we were able to offer them some kind of family life,” he said.

The father criticized President Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying he did not expect his son to end up in this situation.

“They sent my son there as a paper merchant and then they let the Taliban out for safety,” said Steve Nikoui.

“I blame my own military leaders… Biden has turned his back on him. That’s all.”

The day before Kareem Nikoui’s murder, he sent his father a video showing him talking to Afghan children and giving them candy at the Kabul airport.

“He was born the same year he started and ended his life with the end of this war,” Papa said, referring to the war that started in 2001.

“I’m really disappointed in the way the president handled it, even more disappointed in the way the military handled it. The commanders on the scene should have recognized this threat and faced it. “

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