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Who is Karol J. Chwiesiuk ( Chicago police officer charged in US Capitol riot ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Karol J. Chwiesiuk

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A Chicago police officer was arrested Friday and charged with his alleged role in the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

Karol J. Chwiesiuk, 29, was arrested at his home on Friday morning and faces five counts of misconduct, including disruption of government affairs, illegal entry and disorderly conduct on the Capitol. He appeared by telephone before a federal judge in Chicago on Friday and was released on $ 15,000 bail.

After the division learned of his alleged involvement in the attack, he was removed from his police powers and assigned to office duties in June.

The Chicago police and the police union did not immediately respond to a request from Fox News.

The complaint alleges that Chwiesiuk bragged about being on Capitol Hill, wearing a Chicago Police Department hoodie and using a racist slur in a text message to a friend. While on Capitol Hill, he allegedly raided and damaged the office of Senator Jeff Merkley, an Oregon Democrat.

In a message to a friend before the attack, he said he was traveling to Washington, DC to “save the nation” and was “busy planning how to establish employees.” He also reportedly sent photos of himself to Capitol Hill.

Chicago Police Commissioner David Brown said Chwiesiuk was on leave from the department during the riot.

“What happened in Washington DC on January 6 is an absolute shame,” he said at a press conference on Friday. “The fact that a Chicago cop was accused of this attack on American democracy makes my blood boil.”

“We have zero tolerance for hatred and extremism of any kind within the Chicago Police Department,” Brown added. “And if you have such ignorance in your heart, you should remove the star now and look for another job, or I will do it for you.”

Chwieiuk arrived in Washington on January 5 and was staying at the Mayflower Hotel on a reservation made by his sister, authorities said. On the same day, he received an email from a “Stop the Steal” email account referring to then President Donald Trump’s rally, reiterating baseless allegations of election fraud.

The day before the attack, Chwiesiuk reportedly went to the Capitol to investigate the area and sent 44 photos to three people.

The attack killed five people, including a Capitol Hill police officer, and led to a thorough investigation that resulted in the arrest of hundreds of suspected rioters. More than 450 people have been charged with criminal offenses.

Chwiesiuk has served as a Chicago police officer since 2018, previously an assistant in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

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