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Woman hold suspected arsonist at gunpoint outside her property when she spot matches in his hand, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Crime and More Facts

Kat Cast

An Oregon woman was caught on camera at gunpoint Saturday after allegedly catching him with matches on her property.

The woman, Kat Cast, can be seen in the video parking her car, grabbing a gun, and approaching the suspect while crossing a street.

“Now get face down on the floor!” What are you doing on my property? “Yell at the man.” Did you set something on fire?.

Suspect Admitted

When the man tells her that “he was passing through,” She asks him why he has matches in his hand. The man told him that the matches were for smoking, but later admitted that he had no cigarettes. Cast holds him at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Amid accusations that the video was fake or simulated, Kat Cast wrote on Facebook that the incident “really happened and there is nothing wrong with it.”

“I’ll tell you one thing though, if I have to do it again to protect my family and neighbors, I’ll do it again in no time unless he’s not as nice as me this time.”

Kat Cast refused to tell anyone about the incident.

The video came after weeks of devastating wildfires on the West Coast. In Oregon, looters and robbers have exacerbated the tragedy as residents try to evacuate active fire fronts and law enforcement agencies are already running out of supplies.

Fires across the state burned more than 1,300 square miles. At least eight people died.