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Who is Katelyne Thomas? A Michigan teacher wanted to use a BLM at School curriculum, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Resign and More Facts

Katelyne Thomas

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A Michigan special education teacher Katelyne Thomas resigned after saying district officials refused to discuss diversity and racial issues in class.

Katelyne Thomas taught grades 1-5

Katelyne Thomas taught grades 1-5 for three years, but her last day was Friday.

Southern Michigan Mason Public Schools declined to silence Thomas, saying the material they wanted to use in the classroom had not been reviewed and they had been given alternative material.

In January, Thomas suggested that the district could include material for Black History Month provided by Black Lives Matter at School, a national coalition campaigning for racial justice in education.

The group urged educators across the country to use the first week of February to focus each day on different topics, including restorative justice, diversity and globalism, affirmation of trans and queer, families, intergenerational black and black villages and shameless To be black.

Thomas made the suggestion in an email to the Mason Board of Education, the CEO, and its bosses: the director of special education and the school principal.

“In the email there was a direct link to Black Lives Matter at the school, the organization, and I decided there were some really good resources there. I think that would be one thing. Really positive,” she says. “If Mason Public Schools supported this great action, it would be a very strong message for our community and all stakeholders involved.”

But Thomas said the idea was quickly rejected by district officials, where state data shows around 2% of students and 1% of staff are black.

She said she was instructed to attend a meeting with her manager at which she was verbally reprimanded for violating district policy on controversial matters, which she defines as “a matter on which points of opposing opinion are promulgated by responsible opinion were “.

The guideline allows them to be discussed in class, provided the topic is “related to the educational objectives of the study program and the level of maturity of the students” and “does not tend to indoctrinate or persuade students to take a particular point of view”.

Mason Public Schools Superintendent Ronald Drzewicki declined to respond to Thomas’ resignation, but denied not being allowed to discuss diversity and inclusion in the classroom. He said in a statement that the district is reviewing all programs before approving them for class.

“This process is time consuming and should be followed to verify that it is correct and to consider the nature of the age-appropriate content before giving information to students,” said Drzewicki. “To say that the district would deny a member of staff the opportunity to discuss diversity in the classroom is just not true.”