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Who was Katrina Fuller ( Mum of 4 hanged herself after her boyfriend dumped her ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Investigation and More Facts

Katrina Fuller

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A mother Katrina Fuller of four scribbled “Sorry” on the wall and hanged herself after her boyfriend threw her at a children’s birthday party.

Katrina Fuller Age

The body of 35-year-old Katrina Fuller from West Sussex was discovered by her traumatized son in June.

On Tuesday, an investigation learned that there had been an “incident” in the bouncy castle at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party that led to the couple’s separation.

The court heard her partner rush to stay with her sister when the mother of four called to say “she was going to do something stupid” before hanging up.

In a panic, the friend called Katrina’s son and asked him to keep an eye on his mother for fear that she would comply with her threat.

Coroner John Halloran told the investigation that Katrina’s son tragically found her and became “hysterical” with grief.

Katrina was hospitalized

Katrina was hospitalized and immediately taken for a head scan as there were signs of clinical brain injury, the assistant coroner learned.

A brainstem test was done, but on June 11, Katrina tragically died in East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

A hospital autopsy revealed that Katrina had died of a hypoxic brain injury from choking by hanging.

After her death, a family member was planning her funeral when they found a note saying “Sorry” in the bedroom of the mother of four.

During the investigation in Crawley, West Sussex, family members asked if Katrina was descended from cocaine after her death, as this would explain her “state of mind”.

West Sussex Assistant Coroner Sarah Clarke said of Katrina’s family, “The hardest part of any exam is not getting the questions you need to answer. .

“We know as much as we can about the circumstances. The truth is, we may never have the answer to that question.”

At the end of the investigation, Ms. Clarke returned a suicide sentence, adding, “I am convinced that Katrina intended to end her life.”


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