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Wesley Streete guilty of murdering childhood friend Keeley Bunker, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Court hearings, Twitter and More Facts

Keeley Bunker

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A man Wesley Streete on his way home from his birthday party was found guilty of raping and murdering his childhood friend Keeley Bunker.

Keeley Bunker Age

She was 20 years old.

Wesley Streete Age

He is 20 years old.

Wesley Streete “accidentally killed”

Wesley Streete claimed to have “accidentally killed” Keeley Bunker during s*x. His body was found hidden under branches in a creek on September 19, 2019 in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Streete was also found guilty of two other rapes and three s*xual assaults involving three other female victims.

In a statement following the verdict, Ms. Bunker’s friends and family described her as “the nicest and most beautiful young woman one could meet”.

“The world was his and Keeley was just starting to live a happy life,” they said.

It took a little over eight hours for a Stafford Crown Court jury to convict the former lager packer, who will be convicted on Friday.

Ms. Bunker had gone to a concert in Birmingham with a friend

The night before, Ms. Bunker had gone to a concert in Birmingham with a friend to celebrate her last 20th birthday.

After the show, the group met Streete at a nightclub in town as planned, and upon their return to Tamworth, they “trusted” the killer to keep their house safe, but Ms. Bunker didn’t. not seen alive.

The following evening, searches were conducted involving her family, close friends, and the police, and Streete claimed to have Ms. Bunker go home alone.

He was taken away by police in a tagged patrol car to track her movements and kept claiming that she was still alive when he and Ms. Bunker went their separate ways.

At that point, he said to the police, “I feel like you’re blaming me,” after he took his phone as part of the investigation.

The court heard that her body was discovered that evening by her uncle Jason Brown, who was part of a search party raiding a park near a phone booth in the street and told police Ms. Bunker about it separately.

Mr. Brown found his niece with her underwear over her sneakers. The court heard him utter a “terrible scream” at the sight.

An autopsy revealed that she had been strangled and that Streete’s DNA was on her body.

Shortly thereafter, Streete was arrested and when asked if he had any questions when he was taken to the Cannock Detention Unit, he replied, “Not really.”

The jury heard how Streete later complained of hunger during the trip and “asked if there was anything to eat when he arrived”.

The court heard that he had changed his account of the events at least four times, which he told prosecutors because he was “scared” and “embarrassed” by her death – a murder, he said. said, occurred during s*x, which began with mutual flirtation. the park.

“I put my arms around her neck and accidentally killed her,” Streete told prosecutors. “We made love.”

He added that he “panicked” when Ms. Bunker “went limp”. He said he checked his pulse but did not think of calling the police.

Ms. Bunker’s neck was scratched, however, probably caused when she tried to shake off Streete’s grip.

Branches added

He also admitted in court that he had “laid the body in the pond” and covered it before going home to sleep.

The court heard that he would return to the scene a few times later to add more branches.

Prosecutor Jacob Hallam QC said

Prosecutor Jacob Hallam QC said the separate s*xual offense allegations were filed independently by a number of young women who, like Ms. Bunker, were friends or acquaintances of the defendant.

“Taken together, they show that the defendant has long committed non-consensual s*xual acts against young women,” he said.

In a victim impact statement, one of the women said that when she heard what happened to Ms. Bunker, she had the “courage” to speak out against her own attack.

Detective Inspector Cheryl Hannan, the investigating officer in charge, said Streete was “a sneaky and manipulative figure”.

“Keeley obviously trusted her, she was trusted to go home that night,” she said.

“He coped with a situation in which he attacked her, and eventually raped and murdered her.

Then he continued to be the focus of the investigation and lied to the police, his family and friends that they were safe and sound.

“Then he changed his lies when the evidence was presented to him.”

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