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Who is Keiron Miller ( Set Fire To a Supermarket Delivery Truck in Revenge Against Manager ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

Keiron Miller

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A man set fire to a supermarket delivery truck in revenge for the manager

Keiron Miller was caught in the back of Barry’s Icelandic store early in the morning before the vehicle caught fire.

The fire engulfed the vehicle and also spread to some nearby buildings, causing 48,000 pounds of damage.

And then a month later, Miller came back, this time to set fire to a car in Barry.

After police detained the 32-year-old, he denied being involved in any of the incidents and told a police officer: “It wasn’t me, at my mother’s grave.”

However, investigators saw Miller under video surveillance outside the Icelandic store and discovered that his cell phone was in the vehicle that was forced to participate in the second arson attack.

Prosecutor Byron Broadstock told Cardiff Crown Court that the incident at Barry’s Icelandic store took place on April 24, 2019

Broadstock said the motive for the attack was “revenge” on the director, although the court has not received full details.

The Crown’s attorney said the second incident occurred on May 6, when a vehicle was set ablaze on Gladstone Road early that morning.

Hashim Salmman, who defended Miller, said his client had “an extremely troubled childhood.”

And he added: “He left training at age 11.”

The court was also told that Miller suffers from ADHD and is said to also suffer from a form of personality disorder.

Salman said his client was genuinely sorry and pleaded guilty to two arson attacks at the earliest opportunity, at an earlier hearing in Cardiff Magistrates Court.

Judge Richard Williams said both incidents were extremely serious and life-threatening

He told the defendant: “You went to the back of the Icelandic store on Holton Road, where you set fire to one of the three delivery vehicles.

“The fire spread from one of the vehicles and some neighboring buildings were damaged.

“The people who worked in these buildings had to be evacuated. April 24 was an arson.”

Miller from Vere Street to Barry was sentenced to six years in prison. They told him he would serve at least two-thirds of that prison sentence.

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