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Kelly Michael Burns

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A man in Klamath Falls pleaded guilty to sending postcards to former employees containing a white powdered pesticide that threatened to be coal, prosecutors said.

Kelly Michael Burns, 71, pleaded guilty Monday to eight cases of sending threatening communications, according to the Oregon District Attorney’s Office.

In December 2019, Burns sent four Christmas cards printed by Medford to former employees containing a white powdered pesticide that was later identified as carbaryl, a pesticide known to be toxic to humans, according to court documents. The papers targeted the victims’ workplaces and contained violent threats.

Three people, including a pregnant woman at Burns’ former workplace, were exposed to carbaryl, had to go through a decontamination process, and received large doses of antibiotics, authorities said.

The company was evacuated and closed for decontamination.

In February 2020, Burns again sent postcards containing Carbaryl to the same four victims. This second wave of papers also contained violent statements accompanied by further threats to the families of the victims.

FBI handwriting analysts compared the handwriting on the cards with the handwriting of a job application and tax documents.

In March 2020, while ransacking his residence, FBI agents found handwritten notes, including one in which Burns threatened to kill a former employee. The officers also restored several books, including “The Poisoner’s Handbook”.

The sentence is scheduled for May.