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Who is Kendrick Myles ( Charged For Murder, Kidnaping & Illegal Use Of Weapon ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Kidnaping, Investigations and More Facts

Kendrick Myles

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A kidnapping on Thursday night sparked a criminal frenzy in which a 2-year-old Louisiana boy died after the suspect accidentally shot himself at a house the boy was staying in, The Advocate reported.

Kendrick Myles, 41, was arrested just before 3am. Friday after a confrontation with police following a parent’s failed attempt to rescue the kidnapped 9-year-old boy.

Charges Against ”Kendrick Myles”

Myles was charged with first degree murder in the death of Azariah Thomas, 2, six attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, three cases of illegal use of a gun, three cases of indictment against a criminal in possession of a gun and a burglary, all from the Rouge Police Department truncheon, according to WAFB. He was also charged with kidnapping by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.

Murphy Paul, Baton Rouge police chief, said Myles’ act of violence appears to be due to a domestic violence incident, The Advocate reported.

Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Jean McKneely Jr. said:

Myles kidnapped his 9-year-old nephew and took him to another house in Baton Rouge, where he got into a fight with the people inside and shot someone at the but no. The person identified Myles as Sagittarius and said he was a relative. At that point, the police realized he was the kidnapped suspect they had already investigated.

Myles left this place around 8:20 pm and traveled to the Baton Rouge neighborhood of Zion City, where he is accused of shooting a house and fatally wounding the boy who died in the hospital.

After leaving this house around 9:30 am, Myles fled to another address where he met another relative who was trying to save the 9-year-old. Police responded to a shooting report when Myles and her relative were involved in a shooting. The family member was injured in the shooting, WAFB said, and Myles was camped indoors for several hours while police waited outside. No guns were fired during the fight and the police caught Myles trying to escape the house. The boy was not injured and returned to his family.

Myles was on probation at the time of his arrest on Friday morning and had a pending warrant, according to The Advocate, for setting fire to an empty house in July.

“We’re talking about domestic violence,” said Major Todd Morris of the sheriff’s office. “Here’s another great example of a domestic violence problem, ranging from kidnapping and shooting to the unfortunate death of a 2-year-old.”

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