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Khaleaf Sistrunk

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A man murdered Khaleaf Sistrunk in Philadelphia last week was targeted for being viewed as a “snitch” for testifying in a 2019 murder trial, his troubled mother said.

Khaleaf Sistrunk Age

Khaleaf Sistrunk, 21, died on November 16 after two armed men fired a torrent of eleven bullets while sitting on a mountain bike near the clothespin sculpture in front of City Hall in the center-city. He was later pronounced dead in a hospital where medics found him in possession of an unlicensed 9mm pistol, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“They shot him because they said he was a snitch,” Sistrunk’s mother, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals, told the newspaper. “He tried to do the right thing and was killed for it.

Sistrunk, whose relatives said he was shot eight times in the past two years, spoke to police in 2018 about the drive-through murder of his older brother Khalil. He also testified last year as a witness in the murder trial of a teenager who shot his friend on Easter Sunday, the newspaper reported.

Sistrunk was then targeted for its collaboration, relatives said, including an incident in October when a gunman shot his FedEx van in Queens Village, seriously injuring his colleague.

Suspect identify in Sistrunk’s murder

No suspect has been identified in Sistrunk’s murder, but investigators also believe he was targeted based on his testimony in last year’s trial, police said.

“It is very likely that he was murdered because of his role in the 2019 trial,” murder captain Jason Smith told the newspaper. “This is retaliation for the testimony.”

Potential crime witnesses are “afraid” to speak to police investigators because of “violence against those who cooperate,” Smith said.

“Who can blame them?” He went on.

Sistrunk was devastated by his brother’s death and told police he believed he was responsible for the murder, his mother said, although their cooperation did not result in an arrest, the newspaper reported.

Sistrunk’s friend William Bethel

But Sistruck testified in court last year when his friend William Bethel, 16, was shot. 18-year-old Zahmir White was later convicted of willful manslaughter and sentenced to at least 24 years in prison, according to the investigator.

District Attorney Larry Krasner told the newspaper his office was working with police officers to find out who killed Sistrunk while acknowledging the “tragic reality” of people who are afraid to testify in court or cooperate with the police.

“But in the meantime, every official and every agency can and should investigate the conditions that made them unsafe in their old neighborhood or during their work,” said Krasner.

Sistrunk was Bethel’s only friend who testified at White’s trial. His mother said he was aware of the risk.

“They chased him away to kill him,” she said. “If you do the right thing, you will be killed, and that is exactly what happened to my son.”

Philadelphia police told the Post that no arrests were made in Sistrunk’s murder on Wednesday.

“The investigation with our homicide squad is active and ongoing,” wrote a police spokesman in an email.

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