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Who was Khelisyah Ashamu ( Mum who went to Turkey for gastric bypass surgery dies ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Incident details, Family, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Khelisyah Ashamu

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A mother Khelisyah Ashamu who traveled to Turkey for gastric bypass surgery died just a week after going under the knife, her family lawyers said.

Company called Get Slim In Turkey

Khelisyah Ashamu is said to have organized the operation with a company called Get Slim In Turkey, which is said to be run by two British people.

The 26-year-old organized the operation on February 2 last year after giving birth to her son by caesarean section, reports The Mirror.

Her father had agreed to pick her up when she returned to the UK and she expected to return just a day after the procedure.

However, she never recovered from the surgery as her condition worsened and she died seven days later on February 9th.

Khelisyah’s heartbreaking parents described Khelisyah as a “wonderful mother and daughter” and said they were “devastated” by her death.

IT specialist from Romford

The mother, an IT specialist from Romford, was operated on in the Izmir Ekol Hospital in Turkey.

She arrived for an operation on January 31, but never returned home when the hospital informed her parents about the deteriorating condition.

Her father flew to her bed and was there with the life support off and she died.

The family is now awaiting a full investigation and has assigned Serious Injury Attorney Irwin Mitchell.

Khelisyah’s father is said to have found out she died of a pulmonary embolism – a blockage of a pulmonary artery.

However, the family said the autopsy revealed another cause of death and they are now hoping for answers.

A pre-investigation review was held on October 20, and a date for the full investigation has not yet been set.

Coroner Ian Wade said the operation should have been “easy”.

He added that “the only witness we want to hear is the doctor,” but he “had no particular hope” of testifying during the investigation.

At the hearing in Walthamstow, east London, her lawyer, Ms. Hunt, said the family had not clarified the dangers.

She said, “If she has a young child, she might not have been at risk if she had known about it.”

Ms. Hunt added, “Miss Ashamu booked for bypass surgery, but the autopsy report indicated that a sleeve operation had been performed.”


In a statement published by Irwin Mtichell, the family said: “She had so much to wait and now her son will never know his mother and she will not see him grow up.

“Last year was a horrible experience without knowing exactly what happened to our daughter, which made it even more difficult to accept the situation.

“The exam will be a test, but we just hope it can give us answers now.

“If we can understand the truth about what happened, we hope that our wonderful daughter can rest in peace and that her son will one day understand how his mother was taken from him.”

Cheryl Palmer Hughes, personal injury attorney, said: “Her death left her young son without a mother and, of course, the family has many concerns about the circumstances surrounding their daughter’s death.

“Khelisyah was a loving and caring mother, and the family hopes the survey will give them some of the answers they need and deserve.

“We are seeing that patients are increasingly booking surgeries through intermediaries like Get Slim In Turkey, who often use Instagram and other social media platforms for advertising.

“If there are any issues related to the treatment of Khelisyah during the hearing, it is important to learn lessons to ensure that no other family suffers in the same way.”

Sun Online has contacted Get Slim in Turkey to comment on the matter.