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Who is KillaMfCam? The twitching streamer, which is banned for screaming, will break the “king’s neck” after a lost game


Who is KillaMfCam?

The case was brought to the attention of authorities after YouTuber Frizzable, who has more than 540,000 subscribers, posted a video showing the explosion of KillaMfCam after it was lost to Frizzable

A Twitch streamer was reportedly banned after apparently cursing his three-year-old daughter during a live broadcast. The streamer KillaMfCam broke out into verbal abuse and even threatened to physically attack his child. The case was brought to the attention of authorities after YouTuber Frizzable, who has more than 540,000 subscribers, posted a video on Wednesday February 17 showing the explosion of KillaMfCam after losing to Frizzable in a match.

He first went to Twitter to share the incident. “TW // CHILD ABUSE I killed this guy in Tarkov and then adjusted to his feed to see that he told his son / brother he was going to break his neck.” If he didn’t leave his room. Https: // twitch .tv / killamfcamttv VOD: … absolute scum, “he wrote.

The video, released on Wednesday, February 17th, has been viewed over 300,000 times. When KillaMfCam pointed out that the video uploaded to Twitter had been edited, Frizzable narrated the incident as a whole, referring to another 42-minute video of the incident. “He’s now saying that I edited the video out of context. That’s not true. My original post had the link to VoD, which had full context.”

“Since he was banned and VOD removed, he has tried to make it look like it was misinterpreted! It’s FALSE!” He wrote, adding, “I’m more than sure if I had posted this clip and linked the VOD and the context was NOT there, this story would not have exploded. The only reason I edited the clip was to turn it into a Twitter video that I can post. “A day later, he published the entire video, adding that KillaMfCam was now facing legal action.

Frizzable said after losing KillaMfCam to him he “saw him start getting mad at his 3-year-old daughter”. When Frizzable returned to check the KillaMfCam feed and see his reaction to his loss to him, he saw the violent explosion.

“Agh what the hell!” KillaMfCam screamed for defeat. “OKAY!” He cried. Then he got up and left the frame of the video. While the electricity is still on, you can hear her screaming at a child in the background. While the child is crying, KillaMfCam yells: “Oh my god, stop shitting! Stop shitting!” he kept screaming. “I don’t care Riley, shhh!” When the child started to cry louder, KillaMfCam called: “Shit!”

“Stop shitting yourself man! Is it hard? My God, I hate you man. Get out of my room brother.” He cried. “I’m going to break your neck man.” Frizzable said KillaMfCam ultimately accused and reported him of fraud.

When KillaMfCam noticed Frizzable following his feed, he said, “Get this guy off my feed.” Then he blocked Frizzable. “He banned me before I could even say ggs, so I stood there to see his tantrum and watched this. I had to ask a friend to help me download the VOD as I was banned,” added Frizzable added.

According to a screenshot posted by Frizzable, KillaMfCam claimed on Twitter that he yelled at his dog, not his child. “Anyone who thinks the edited ass clip is seriously misinformed, even though I don’t deny the fact that I was too upset, I was 100% talking about my dog,” he wrote, accusing Frizzable of editing the video .