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Kim Maree Irby

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The Kim Maree Irby mother of an Instagram model Karina Irby sued Woolworths and The Vege Chip Company after nearly dying from a paper cut that she received when unpacking boxes of crisps at her supermarket job.

Kim Maree Irby mother of Gold Coast Instagram model Karina Irby

Kim Maree Irby Open heart surgery

Kim Maree Irby, mother of Gold Coast Instagram model Karina Irby, contracted a staph infection that led to two cycles of open heart surgery.

Ms. Irby opened the jagged top of the boxes with her finger to create an in-store display in Woolworths stores in Helensvale, Pimpama and Abalone in Queensland in April 2017.

Kim Maree Irby Felt Pain

The 51-year-old said he felt pain and swelling after cutting his hand while unpacking the boxes before his whole body started to hurt.
A Woolworths employee says the hospital sent her home after tests for suspected kidney infection.
Ms. Irby then started taking antibiotics, but later collapsed and was taken to hospital.

Doctors said she had a Staphylococcus infection that has spread to the lungs, spine, behind the left eye and into the heart valves, the courier said.

Court documents indicate that Ms. Irby thought she might die before undergoing open heart surgery to repair her damaged valve.

The mother had to wait a month for the mitral valve to be replaced because her private cover did not cover the cost.

She underwent replacement surgery in May of this year and another surgery in October 2018.

Irby was allowed to sue the Queensland flea maker and Woolworths for damages caused by the cuts.
The boxes … You don’t need a knife to open, they have a hole on the side of the size of a 10c coin, you put your finger in it, run your finger, the box is open and place content on shelves. “She said according to a claim for workers’ compensation.

Court documents have indicated that the boxes would be dirty and dusty because they were stored.

District court judge Paul Sheridan ordered

Earlier this month, district court judge Paul Sheridan ordered Ms. Irby to seek negligence in a separate district court case.

Counsel for Ms. Irby stated that the claim could range from $ 150,000 to $ 750,000.

The Woolworths lawsuit claims that no procedures are in place to ensure the cartons are clean and free from the risk of infection.

The lawsuit against Currumbin’s The Vege Chip Company, which specializes in gluten-free snacks, alleges that Ms. Irby was not warned of the risk of infection in the display cases.
Karina regularly posts racy photos that model her popular skinny swimsuit brand Moana Bikini.

She is proud to promote body positivity and often shares her workouts with her 1.1 million Instagram followers.

The 29-year-old woman used social media before Ms. Irby’s surgery in May 2017 to share a photo of her mother in the hospital.

“She had little time to mentally prepare, and she had no idea that something so small and insignificant could affect her and her family so much,” Karina wrote at the time.

“The pace at which life can change is breathtaking, but the way the mother copes with her challenges is inspiring to say the least. We accompany you every step of the way, mom, we love you! ”

Daily Mail Australia contacted The Vege Chip Company and Woolworths.

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