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Who is Kim Yo Jong (Younger sister of Kim Jong-un)? Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Kim Yo Jong

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Rocketman had better be careful. His little sister Kim Yo Jong, nicknamed “Princess” in North Korea and sometimes called “Twisted Sister”, now acts more like the Terminator.

Kim Yo Jong

Kim Yo Jong, all majestic cheekbones and icy highlights, ordered the creation of a joint liaison office for North Korea and South Korea last week, as part of an aggressive indictment against South Korea – and , by extension, the United States. She also criticized the South Korean chief and threatened to take military action suddenly by seizing power, authorized or not by her older brother.

Some wonder if she is the new powerful player in the Hermit Realm and wants to meet her endgame.

“From what I’ve seen, she’s cold, unforgiving and arrogant,” said Suzanne Scholte, co-president and founder of Free North Korea Radio and chairman of the Washington DC Defense Forum.

“His new aggressiveness is part of the consolidation and solidification of power. Kim Jong Un must show that if something happens to him, there is a successor and that the Kim family … the lineage is still in power. ”

Previously described only as his brother’s intimate assistant

Previously described only as his brother’s intimate assistant, the one who brought him a crystal ashtray while smoking, Kim Yo Jong became a force to be reckoned with most of the night in Pyongyang.

“There is no number 2 in North Korea, but it behaves like number 2,” said David Maxwell, a retired US special forces colonel and field expert. North Korea. “It is very unlikely that she can do this alone. Kim must have given her authority. It gives her options for the future.”

North Korea would never accept a female leader is false

She is young and female, but saying that North Korea would never accept a female leader is false, some say.

“She is fierce and amazing and I don’t think her sex is an issue,” Sean King, an Asian expert at Park Strategies, told the Post.

King said women run North Korea’s powerful black markets, despite the country’s reputation as a solid patriarchy. It is the mystical lineage of Mount Paektu that counts, he said, even if it is based on a lie.

Kim Yo Jong, who studied at ostentatious Swiss schools like her brother, lives in the luxurious fortress-like complex in Pyongyang, apparently with her high-ranking political husband, Choe Song. They would have a 5-year-old daughter. His brother also has his place there, although he prefers his Mar-a-Lago style complex, in the seaside resort of Wonsan.

Kim Yo Jong represented North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

Kim Yo Jong represented North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and met with his brother at summits with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It would have fallen out of favor after the abrupt end of the disastrous summit in Hanoi in 2019 without lifting sanctions – but it has returned to the path of power.

Kim Yo Jong criticized southern chief Moon Jae-in last week, saying it was “disgusting to hear his speech” calling for peace on the Korean peninsula.

“He looks crazy, although he looks normal out there,” she pissed.

She also denounced old anti-regime propaganda leaflets launched in North Korea on balloons organized by deserters and their American allies and called the authors “human scum” and “stray dogs”.

On Friday, North Korea announced that it would flood “justice booklet bombs” to “terrorize” the south in retaliation. The North Koreans collected a bunch of leaflets “the size of a mountain,” the state news agency KCNA reported on Friday.

Even North Korea’s veteran observers are unsure whether Kim Yo Jong’s sudden departure is further proof that the rocketman is on his last legs – he was last seen on May 1 – and should prepare his sister as successor. , or if the two just want to let the West guess.

Experts say Kim is under tremendous pressure from the elders who help her manage North Korea because he has failed to lift UN sanctions.

“This could be part of a fraud strategy,” said Maxwell. “He is sitting watching us speculate. Remember that these are all sanctions and that North Korea is targeting the south to pressure him to intervene with Washington.”