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Kimberley Deakin

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The grieving family of an “adoring” mother Kimberley Deakin who was stabbed to death with her baby in her arms said today that she “will never be replaced in our hearts”.

Kimberley Deakin Age

Kimberley Deakin, 29, fled a street in Stoke, Staffordshire Friday afternoon shouting “help, help” as she was covered in blood and carried her four-month-old daughter Ava.

She later collapsed and died.

In a statement released today, the Kimberley family said: “The family cannot express in words their suffering and grief over the loss of their beloved Kim.

“She was kind, caring, and loved by many.

“Kim had recently become an adoring mother to Ava and can never be replaced in our hearts.”

Today, former neighbors and friends in Kimberley’s red-brick semi-detached house in Stoke spoke affectionately of her.

A disgruntled neighbor who lives down the street from the family home told about his daughter going to school with Kimberley and said, “Our hearts go out to the family after they lost in such tragic circumstances.

“It’s so shocking and we’re all in shock. Now there is a baby left without a mother.

“There is no word that can have a meaning, a rhyme or a reason for it. Nobody deserves to lose their life like this.

“My daughter went to school with her and they were nice people … it’s heartbreaking.”

Another neighbor said: “We talked and it was so tragic. She was kind, no one could say a bad word about her.”

One older woman said Kimberley was a “very good neighbor, a pretty girl who stood up for herself. It’s so shocking.”

Yesterday, Kimberley’s broken friends and family hugged and wiped their tears as they visited the site where she was killed.

They went to see the house in Burslem where the incident took place.

A woman who lives near the house Kimberley fled from told Sun Online, “She seemed like a beloved mother who really loved her little girl.

“You would see her smile and talk to him.”

“She was obviously a very loving mother. It is tragic and must be devastating for his family.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: “The [Kimberley] family are currently assisted by specially trained officers and we urge people to respect their privacy.

“An autopsy at the Home Office revealed that Kimberley’s death was stab wounds.”


The neighbors spoke of the terrible scenes on Friday afternoon.

Sarah Horvath, 32, told Sun Online, “Apparently she crossed the street with the baby in her arms.

“Some people said she was covered in blood when she ran. It’s just awful, but luckily the baby is fine and with the parents.

“Nobody really knows her that well because she only moved in a few months ago. I think she was pregnant when she moved in.”

Neighbor Ken Bradshaw, 77, said, “I know Kim has only been here a few months.

“She seemed like a beautiful woman and the man moved in after the baby was born.

“I didn’t hear anything, but when I looked outside I saw a neighbor with the baby in her arms.

“It’s a real shock.”

Another neighbor said, “She cried for help and crossed the street to run away. It is terrible.

A neighbor who refused to give his name said, “I saw all the police on the street. People look stunned.”

Honors and flowers were left at the crime scene on Saturday.

June Cartwright, who lives near the stage, said, “This is such a horrible thing that has happened and the church is in shock. My thoughts are with the woman’s family.”