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Who was King Von ( Rapper shot in Atlanta ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Rapper, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

King Von

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Rapper King Von and another man were shot to death after a shooting broke out outside a hookah bar in Atlanta on Friday.

Two Atlanta police officers, one of whom was off duty and working at the hookah bar, engaged the shooters and more shots followed, police said.

Atlanta police said they did not believe King Von, Bennett’s real name, Day, was killed by police, but instead received the first shots between the two groups.

Incident Details

“At this point, our investigators believe that Mr. Bennett was shot and killed in the first shooting between the two groups of men before police intervened and tried to stop the shooting,” police said in a statement. . He was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle and was not among the victims found at the scene, police said.

The shooting broke out in front of the Monk Hookah Lounge around 3:20 a.m. when two groups began fighting, according to official sources. “The dispute quickly turned into shooting,” police said in a statement.

A total of six people were shot dead, one of whom was in “extremely critical condition”. Three others were treated in local hospitals and declared stable.

Police say two alleged detainees will be prosecuted. Authorities previously said that three people had died, but this happened later.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said officials fired shots in two locations. The agency said the six people killed were men. The officers were not injured. GBI is conducting an independent investigation into the police shootings.

Atlanta police said part of the investigation will determine which victims were shot by people they identified as suspects and whether police shot anyone.

Chicago-born King Von has been described as an aspiring rapper. Last week he released the album “Welcome To O’Block”. His representatives said in a statement that he was “emerging from difficult circumstances to become the most promising star in music,” Billboard said.

King Von Age

“The 26-year-old artist died as the world began to understand the depth of his talent,” representatives said.

NBA star LeBron James tweeted his condolences Friday, highlighting the impact King Von’s music has had on him and his children.

Chance The Chicago rapper also expressed his condolences to King Von’s family, adding, “I can’t believe it.”