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Who was Kristina Novitskaya ( Ukrainian Interpreter is found dead ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Kristina Novitskaya

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A Ukrainian interpreter was found dead with her hands cuffed behind her back and a plastic bag over her head in her apartment in Turkey.

The 30-year-old Kristina Novitskaya was discovered in her home in Bodrum on the Saturday after her death a few days earlier.

The mystery surrounds Ms. Novitskaya’s death when her apartment appeared to be locked from the inside and all windows were protected.

According to Turkish reports, local police suggested that suicide was suicide.

Friends Feelings

Friends of the 30-year-old, however, fear that the police are covering up “something important”.

“We don’t think she killed himself,” a friend told a news agency in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ms. Novitskaya’s body was discovered Saturday after her family called the police because they had not found her for several days.

According to the Turkish police, there was no sign of fighting and the key to the house was found in the keyhole.

Friends say their “fun-loving” and “happy” friend is “reluctant” to go about her private life in Turkey, where she lived.

Ms. Novitskaya spoke fluent Turkish and worked as a professional performer and dance teacher.

Turkish police reportedly believe they are depressed about the lack of work due to the pandemic.

The exact cause of death was not disclosed.

The 30-year-old man’s body was sent to the Forensic Institute for an autopsy.

“She was an incredibly kind, open and gentle person who never got into conflict and always helped others,” said a friend from her college degree.

“She was quite cautious about her personal life. Everyone who knew Kristina is deeply shocked. We don’t believe he committed suicide. “”

Another friend said, “It’s true that she didn’t post her love life on social media, but she was always so open, full of life and happy.”

His friends called the police reports “strange” and suggested an elite worker in Turkey, but did not provide details.

“It’s a really strange version,” said a friend.

“I think they’re trying to cover someone who is important.”

Turkish police reported that CCTV showed no one had visited the house after the food was delivered on December 31st.

The investigation is still ongoing.