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Who is accused in the Murder of two St. John Parish deputies in 2012? Kyle Joekel Biography, Conviction, In prison and Trial

Kyle Joekel

Kyle Joekel Biography – Wiki

A St. John community jury sentenced Kyle Joekel to death on Sunday for murdering two St. John community MPs in a RV park in Laplace in 2012. The jury of six men and six women unanimously passed their verdict after only about an hour of consultation. Although the jury has passed the verdict, the judge will issue the final judgment at a later date.

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Kyle Joekel- Conviction

Joekel was convicted of first degree murder on Friday.

Kyle Joekel- In Prison

Kyle Joekel has been in prison since he and two other MPs, Terry and Brian Smith, were arrested for shooting and killing Jeremy Triche and Brandon Neilson, St. John Parish Sheriff MPs. Two other MPs were injured in the Laplace mobile home ambush and are still working for the department.

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Kyle Joekel- Trial

During the trial, the state argued that there were two shooters that day. Brian Smith, a paranoid schizophrenic, is said to have been the original shooter. But it was Joekel who grabbed an AK-47 and shot from very close range. He killed MP Brandon Neilson because he was an extremist who hated the police.

Other Shooter

The other shooter in the case, Brian Smith, was then declared mentally unable to stand trial.

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