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Larry Dean Porter

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A federal grand jury has indicted a Scioto County man Larry Dean Porter and several members of his family and associates on charges relating to a child s*x trafficking operation. The man is said to have traded drugs obtained in Columbus and elsewhere for s*xual access to the children of addicted mothers.

Larry Dean Porter Age

He is 69 years old.

FBI Child Exploitation Task Force

According to court documents, agents from the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force began investigating Larry Dean Porter of Wheelersburg, in April 2019, after reports from various sources that Porter was involved in s*xual abuse of minors. age, with the consent of the parents of minors. in exchange for Porter’s illegal drugs.

Larry Porter was arrested in March 2020

In March 2020, Porter was arrested on local charges during a human trafficking entrapment operation by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. In Facebook messages coordinated by police, Porter reportedly offered to pay $ 80 in exchange for access to a 7-year-old girl. He was arrested after arriving at a place pre-booked for the meeting and claimed he would “finish around midnight” and could return the girl.

According to victims and sources of the ongoing FBI and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) investigation, Porter s*xually abused children and produced child pornography stored on USB drives that Porter used extreme methods of hiding.

He would give illegal narcotics to drug addicted parents in exchange for s*xual access to underage victims. It is alleged that he often ordered parents to s*xually abuse their own children and recorded it for use as blackmail.

Additionally, according to the criminal complaint, Larry Porter made numerous recorded phone calls and sent three letters while incarcerated in Jackson County, with the aim of having his family and associates lie under oath, convincing d ‘other witnesses to lie to law enforcement or to convince sources not to provide information to law enforcement authorities.

Porter is charged with 13 counts of conspiracy against children who traffic s*xually

Porter is charged with 13 counts of conspiracy against children who traffic s*xually (15 years to life in prison), attempted s*x trafficking with children (15 years to life), production of child pornography ( 15 to 30 years old), have child pornography (up to 10 years old), conspiracy to obstruct a child s*x trafficking investigation (up to 25 years old) and conspiracy to witness rape (up to 20 years).