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Who is Laura Giacobbe ( Mother accused of setting Dominick Krankall on fire ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Laura Giacobbe

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The mother Laura Giacobbe of a Connecticut child Dominick Krankall accused of intentionally setting fire to his 6-year-old neighbor wants the burned boy’s family to be punished after newly released video contradicted her claims.

Laura Giacobbe, in an interview with The Post on Tuesday, called on police to arrest little Dominick Krankall’s mother for allegedly lying about the April incident and putting her son “through hell”.

“Your kid had to go to Yankee Stadium while my kid sat inside terrified because of all the statements made against him,” said Giacobbe, 45, from her home in Bridgeport.

“I want her arrested because I don’t think it’s fair. It’s a slur of character,” Giacobbe continued. “She slandered my family. She put my son through hell. She put me in hell. I want her arrested for making false statements.”

Krankall’s family had claimed Dominick suffered second and third degree burns after he was attacked by an 8-year-old bully while playing in his Bridgeport backyard on April 24.

But a video released by the Giacobbe family on Friday shows four children, including Dominick, lighting fires together and kicking a flaming soccer ball in the backyard.

Nothing in the video shows the other boys targeting Dominick, who caught fire after either stepping on or stepping on a plastic cup filled with burning gasoline.

The incident sparked outrage in the community and a surge of support for the injured child, who has since been discharged from hospital.

Bridgeport’s mayor, first responders and dozens of community members held a parade outside the hospital where Dominick was recovering, and an online fundraiser has since raised nearly $600,000 for his family.

Giacobbe said Dominick’s mother, Maria Rua, her former neighbor, was supposed to be looking after the children, including their sons Stefano, 8, and Lorenzo, 11, on the day of the incident.

“I saw Maria at the sink wiping the child’s face with the washcloth and saw the skin coming off his face as she wiped it. I yelled at her that he had to get in the tub because his leg was on fire and she wasn’t aware of it,” Giacobbe said of the moment she got back to the house from her errands.

“At the same time, [she] called the police and explained that ‘the eight-year-old boy downstairs took gas, poured it over my child and set him on fire.” Those were her exact words. ”

The Krankalls said Giaccobe’s son Stefano doused a ball in petrol, set it on fire and then threw it in Dominick’s face in a vicious act of bullying that rocked their town and sparked a police investigation.

But Giacobbe claimed Rua’s story was nothing but fiction, saying surveillance footage showing the children playing peacefully “all day” proved what happened was just a horrific accident, not a deliberate attack.

“[They were] playing, riding bikes … there was no bullying with the kids at all,” the mother said, insisting “my kid, Stefano Giacobbe, is not a bully.”

Footage shows the children starting to play with gasoline and one of them lighting a soccer ball. In the clip, Dominick can be seen kicking the ball and then wiping the petrol off his clothes.

“He [then] stepped on a cup of gas,” Giacobbe said, raising her voice. “The gas went up his leg…it traveled to his face because the fumes were on his face.”

Rather than letting Dominick suffer like they have been accused of, Giacobbe said her 11-year-old rushed to the rescue and prevented the burns from getting worse.

“[Lorenzo] took his bare hands and slapped the fire out of his face, otherwise he would have run upstairs with the fire in his face because [Rua] never came down,” the distraught woman said.

Rua “should have looked after those kids,” Giacobbe accused. “I trusted her to take care of these kids.”

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