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Who was Laura Higginson (Woman died in Hospital)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Death Cause, Family, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Laura Higginson

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A police investigation was opened into the death of a woman Laura Higginson in the hospital. Laura Higginson, 30, died in April 2017 at Whiston Hospital in Merseyside.

Laura Higginson Age

She was 30 years old.

Laura Higginson received overdose of acetaminophen

A spokesperson for the St. Helens and Knowsley teaching hospitals, NHS Trust, said that she accepted that Ms. Higginson had received an overdose of acetaminophen, but had “explicitly denied” what caused or contributed to it. when he died.

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Laura Higginson Death Investiagtions

An investigation into his death was opened Thursday and postponed to an appointment, said the coroner’s office in Sefton, Knowsley and St. Helens. A Merseyside police spokesperson said, “We can confirm that an investigation into the death of Laura Higginson is underway at Whiston Hospital on April 19, 2017.

It would therefore be inappropriate to comment on Ms. Higgson, Antony, at The Times until he discovered that his wife, who suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Gitelman syndrome, had overdosed several months after his death. John Doyle, chief counsel at Slater and Gordon, who represent the family, said: “Confidence has now admitted after three years that the paracetamol overdose was negligent, but they continue to deny that it caused or contributed to Laura’s death.

“Given the incredibly tragic untimely death of Laura, it is disappointing that Mr. Higginson and the family had to wait so long, but it is true that mistakes are now recognized by trust and that the proper process is followed.”

“Independent expert evidence that we have ordered has been provided to the medical examiner and we welcome your decision to initiate the investigation.” A hospital spokesperson said, “The trust offers condolences to the family of the late Ms. Higginson. A thorough and immediate investigation was carried out after her death.” The results of independent clinical experts disagree with Mr. Higginson’s views and will be forensic pathologist presented during the investigation. “

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