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What you Don’t know about Laura Loomer ? Biography, Wiki, Age, Incident details, Twitter and More Facts

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer attacked Jack Dorsey on the Bitcoin reference because he was a “huge hypocrite on censorship and freedom of expression.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was interrupted by political activist Laura Loomer while talking about Bitcoin as the internet’s “home currency”. The 28-year-old anti-Muslim political activist urged Dorsey on Twitter about censorship. Laura registered her protest against the new censorship rules and accused Dorsey of “interfering” with people’s rights.

Laura attacked Dorsey on the Bitcoin reference because she was a “huge hypocrite about censorship and freedom of expression”. “Censorship is a human rights violation,” she said. After her gimmick, Laura was quickly escorted out.

Jack Dorsey, 44, spoke at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami. He was accompanied during the discussion by Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation and advocate of the sovereign potential of Bitcoin. Gladstein asked Dorsey how Bitcoin’s open source model could inspire a censorship-free social media platform. Dorsey said, “By creating a new [social media] platform … completely inspired by Bitcoin, we want to do the same for Twitter.” When Laura cut him off, Dorsey said, “I know you don’t believe me, I know for calling me a ‘liar’ I’ll prove it to you.”

Laura already banned Twitter in 2018 after posting a tweet about Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar. In her tweet, Laura mentioned that Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, was “anti-Jewish” and that her religion promoted homophobia and abuse of women. Laura had registered her protest against the ban from the platform by handcuffing herself to the glass doors that led to the Twitter headquarters in Manhattan. “It’s almost like Twitter hates Jews and Conservatives. When will Jack Dorsey stop censoring conservatives? When will I get my Twitter back? I’ll be here while it lasts, ”she said.

Who is Laura Loomer?

Laura Elizabeth Loomer, 28, is an American far-right and anti-Muslim political activist, conspiracy theorist, and internet personality. She was the Republican candidate to represent Florida’s 21st Congressional District in the 2020 US House of Representatives elections. She lost to the democrat Lois Frankel. Until 2017, Loomer worked for ‘Project Veritas’, a right-wing organization known for producing ‘secretly recorded and deceptively edited’ undercover audio and video investigations into media organizations and left-wing groups.

Internet reacts to Laura Loomer’s “gimmick”

Twitter raged with reactions to Laura Loomer’s heckling from the Twitter CEO about censorship issues. While some agreed with Laura’s stance, some condemned her act. One user wrote: “Jack Dorsey, why aren’t you doing the right thing and letting everyone hear the voices? Seriously, what are you so afraid of? Another wrote: “Jack Dorsey is the equivalent of the Nazi soul.” One of the comments slamming Laura Looner read: “When I heard Laura Loomer just lost to Jack Dorsey at a Bitcoin event in Miami – sorry for censorship, stupid Laura, wrong platform It’s Facebook, on that you’re mad today. But hey, keep it up! Rational America really appreciates that Trump is permanently banned from Twitter! ”Another tweet read,“ Laura Loomer is a racist Islamophobic loser who feels important from time to time because she’s prone to stupid shit on Twitter do like she did with Jack Dorsey today. “