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Who is Laura Orgill ( Royal Mail postwoman broke down in tears ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, TikTok, Twitter and More Facts

Laura Orgill

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A Royal Mail postman Laura Orgill this afternoon burst into tears amid a backlash over a TikTok video boasting that she waited only two seconds for people to open the door before leaving – and insisted, “It was a joke.”

Laura Orgill Age

Welsh postman Laura Orgill, 26, posted the original video showing her pushing a leaflet titled “We missed you” through someone’s mailbox just seconds after tapping her rounds in South Wales.

In the video – titled “When a customer takes more than two seconds to open the door” – uniformed Ms. Orgill laughs as she hands in the slip telling a customer to get their package at their local To pick up the delivery office.

Laura Orgill TikTok Clip

Her TikTok clip sparked outrage, with many people slamming the video and reporting it to their employer. The Royal Mail refused to fire its poster girl, saying today that it “has reminded them of the need to always maintain the highest standards”.

Miss Orgill has since posted a tearful video saying she was “upset” by the uproar and insists the clip was just a joke. She told the Sun, “I am very upset about the situation. All I did was use a trending sound and come up with a fun scenario that people would think posties would go with the sound and unfortunately people took it seriously.

“All I’ve tried is to use my platform to spread positivity and fun. ‘In such uncertain times that have pissed me off now, I’ve used my platform forever for the last year.’

Her mother told the publication, “What she said was clearly a joke. It is ridiculous. She called me crying and said how upset she was and that it was always just a joke. “I don’t think what she did stupid. It was really just a joke. ‘

Miss Orgill, the self-proclaimed “TikTok Postie,” has become an online star after posting videos in South Wales’ Rhondda Valley, where she lives with her friend. Her account is her own, but she seems to have the support of bosses who posted her in a video for Royal Mail’s official careers page on Facebook.

She shares videos about her work with Royal Mail on the platform, where she has 745,000 followers.

After being inundated by trolls, Miss Orgill posted another video in which she said, “Comments like these really pissed me off. “All I do is upload silly videos every day to cheer people up because I know how much they are doing in these uncertain times, and people like this have the boldness to bring me down.

“I’m one of the few full-time employees during the pandemic – when packages went through the roof – which was so difficult. All I do on the job is find some time to shoot some videos as I know how much it cheers people up. ‘

Miss Orgill was also featured as the delivery service’s figurehead in a Cosmopolitan article about “TikTok’s Unlikely Celebrities”. The postwoman was inundated with angry comments from customers who were tired of tracking their parcels after their “We missed you” leaflet video was shared.

One said, ‘Dismissed tomorrow.’ Another said, ‘It’s been 24 hours since you posted, do you still have your job?’

One viewer said, “The joke is with you, I sent this to your employer.” Another speculated, “I know it’s a joke, but it doesn’t look good for the company, I would never post in uniform, wouldn’t surprise me if it were disciplinary.”

And another said, “That really annoys me. I get to the door quickly and they have lit the end of the driveway.

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