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Who was Layla Malon ( Daughter, 7, body was found in their mansion ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Layla Malon

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The Connecticut mother and 7-year-old daughter, whose bodies were found in their mansion, died in an apparent homicide-suicide, the coroner’s office told the Post on Friday.

Tracy Do, 46, of Tony Westport, inflicted self-harm on the trunk and limbs while little Layla Malon drowned, the State Office of the Chief Coroner said.

Police are investigating the couple’s death in more detail.

According to court records, Do was embroiled in a bitter legal battle with her ex Eric John Malon over the luxury house.

According to court records, the former belligerent couple were scheduled to appear Friday morning at a remote hearing on their legal saga.

Do, whose lifeless body was found in the $ 1.8 million Westport estate along with that of his daughter, sued Malon, the father of their children, in October for taxing them and the children on the Connecticut Supreme Court documents had guarded the house.

Malon responded with his lawsuit against Do in April.

In his lawsuit, Malon Do asked to vacate the premises of the spacious two-story house he owns between Lyndale Park and Weston Road, claiming that he had not paid him a monthly rent of $ 10,000.

In her separate lawsuit, Do sues Malon for allegedly breaking his promise to buy her a house in the quaint town and take care of her financially if their relationship ever ends.

“Ever since the parties ended their romance, he has refused to keep his promises,” their lawsuit said.

Do also said in the complaint that she continued to work for Malon’s construction company after it was dissolved in 2018, but failed to adequately compensate them according to court documents.

The former couple had never been married but had two children together: Layla and her 13-year-old daughter Alexis Malon, according to court records.