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Who is Leah Croucher ( Reward doubled to £20,000 for information on missing Woman ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Leah Croucher

Leah Croucher Biography                                   Leah Croucher Wiki

The reward for learning of Leah Croucher’s disappearance yesterday has doubled to £ 20,000.

Police do not know what happened to the 21-year-old Leah Croucher who disappeared on his way to work in February 2019.

An investigation did not reveal any evidence as to whether she was kidnapped, murdered or escaped abroad with a new identity.

Businesses close to his home in Milton Keynes doubled their £ 10,000 reward offer last night.

His grateful family said, “The kindness of strangers willing to offer their money to help us find the answers we desperately need is indescribably humbling.

“Thank you is not strong enough to show our gratitude.”

Leah was a director at a local finance company.