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Who is Leighton Phillips ( Policeman S*xually Assaulted Two Young Girls ) Wiki, Bio, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Leighton Phillips

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A police officer sexually assaulted two girls on a train drinking beer and watching rugby for a day, the court heard

Leighton Phillips rubbed the women’s legs as they stood beside him on a crowded train from Cardiff.

When the girls’ father challenged him, Phillips replied, “I am the police.”

The defendant denied the crimes, arguing that the contact must have been accidental and the result of shaking up the train, but was found guilty after a trial in Cardiff Crown Court last month.

He appeared at Swansea Crown Court on Thursday for trial.

Judge Paul Thomas Said:

Phillips’ “arrogance” had affected him all along: his arrogance on the train, his arrogance during the arrest, his arrogance during the interview, and his arrogance during the trial. .

The judge said that even without conviction, he believed the defendant was “completely inappropriate” to be a police officer.

The attacks took place on February 1 this year after a six-country rugby match between Cardiff Wales and Italy.

The court heard that a 34-year-old West Mercian police officer said he had consumed a dozen gallons of beer and cider the day before driving home.

During the trip, he “stroked” the legs of two girls near his seat.

When asked about his behavior, he replied: “I am the police.”

The matter was reported to the UK Transport Police and the UK Transport Police arrested the defendant at Shrewsbury station.

Phillips Market of Drayton, Shropshire, later withdrew from Mercian forces. He was then banned from going to the police again.

Talbir Singh said on behalf of Phillips

The defendant was not only a good man, but also an exemplary character who had lost his career. He said his client applied for an alternative job after leaving the police force and recently worked as a courier and driver.

Judge Thomas said the type of behavior Phillips exhibited on the train would have been embarrassing to anyone, especially the police on duty.

He said: “Your characters, your careers are broken, and this can be attributed to one fact and one fact only: in short, some too many.

“It was this poisoning that made you so terrible.”

According to the judge, the defendant had shown no remorse or understanding for his behavior, but showed nothing but arrogance: “pride on the train; arrogance in detention; arrogance in police interrogations; arrogance during the trial.”

Judge Thomas said the position had continued with the author of the bias report when the defendant said that the young victims “need to see the impact of their request on others” and that Phillips does not. He looked at me from the dock. but instead he looked away, it was “part of the arrogance.”

He said that although he was not convinced, Phillips was “completely incapable of being a police officer.”

Judge Thomas said he was pleased that the case was a “one-time case of alcoholism” and that Phillips did not pose a threat to other women, and was pleased that the punishment recommended by the probation service was appropriate

Phillips underwent a mandatory 24-month rehab and will have to comply with an electronically controlled night lockdown for the next three months.

He has been on the sex offender registry for five years.

West Mercia Police Chief Anthony Bangham said Phillips’ actions weakened police.

Before his conviction, Phillips had been the target of police misconduct.

At the end of this consultation, the Bangham Police Chief said: “Despite the acknowledgment of the abuse and the resignation he (Phillips) limited the appeal to a one-line statement, which reads:“ I am sorry my nolostamisesta family.

“His victims are not mentioned. PC Phillips’ behavior mocks and violently undermines public trust in them.”

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