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Who is Len Martin ( Gorilla Glue- Man gets red Solo Cup stuck to his FACE ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Instagram, Information and More Facts

Len Martin

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In another shocking gorilla glue emergency in the United States, a red Solo Cup was placed on a man’s face.

Len Martin, 37, was warned that he could potentially lose some of his lips after trying to prove that Tessica Brown’s “Gorilla Glue Girl” hair disaster was not serious.

Instagram video

In an Instagram video, Martin, sitting at a table in his Louisiana home, looks for the super strong glue that secures bathroom tiles, hardwood floors, and patios, and which certainly can’t be used on skin or skin. hair.

He says, “I have gorilla glue here. I’ll take it, put it in this cup and put it in my mouth.”

Martin tried to prove that the stories about Tessica Brown, who went viral on TikTok after applying Gorilla Glue to his hair instead of hairspray, were false.

He discards the glue and calls it “really super glue” while he takes the cap off and says he will just lick it off. “”

He dismissed Brown’s disastrous experience of having the same style of glue stuck to her hair for a month.

Asking fans to observe him, he puts glue around the rim of the red mug and then places it directly on his face, around his mouth.

In an update, Martin later wrote: “I thought this gorilla glue girl was making up this story.

“But no, it’s real. I don’t know why I tried.

“Now they are talking about cutting my lips during the operation … pray for me #gorrilagluechallenge smh [sic]”.

He ended up in the emergency room for treatment and a doctor performed a “sore skin,” reports the Illinois Daily News.

Martin was warned that the tip of his lip may have to be surgically cut if he does not heal properly.

His message to people thinking of copying him is: “This is not the challenge you want to try!”

Martin told Fox 8: “Did you see what the lady did with Gorilla Glue in her hair? I thought she was joking.

“I didn’t think he was serious that Gorilla Glue did it all. I tried to show people that he was not as serious as they were.

“I put the gorilla glue in a cup, put it in my mouth for a few seconds and started licking it, but it didn’t work.”

Brown, also from Louisiana, had to cut her ponytail after the glue remover and acetone failed to rinse the glue from her hair and she has seen a surgeon ever since.

A Gorilla Glue spokesperson said: “Our spray adhesive says on the warning label: ‘Do not ingest, get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.

“Used in craft, home, car or office projects to mount objects to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate, and fabric.”