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Who is Lewis Billam ( Soldier, 27, is kicked out of the Army after stealing a colleague bank card ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Lewis Billam

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British Army soldier has been kicked out of the military after stealing a colleague’s credit card to buy FIFA points for his Xbox.

Private Lewis Billam bought £ 216 of the virtual currency used in the popular football video game.

Bulford Military Court has heard that the 27-year-old has purchased three bundles of FIFA Points Packs worth £ 71.99 on his colleague Megan Martin’s card.

The £ 71.99 packages offer players 12,000 points to spend on the game.

Points can be used to purchase “FUT packages”, which allow players to create a football team, or “FUT Draft”, in which players can choose the best solution for each position from a five-a-side draw. players.

After stealing Pvt Martin’s card at a party, Pvt Billam also bought items worth £ 16 from a local garage.

Pte Billam was discovered when everyone who attended the March 2020 party was arrested and asked to show their Xbox account history if they had one.

When Private Billam showed his account, it had clearly been used for all three transactions and was subsequently found in possession of the card.

Prior to this incident, Pte Billam was using another colleague’s card to purchase £ 227 of Tesco items.

In August 2019, Pte Billam approached Corporal Joshua Gibbon to borrow his card to purchase cigarettes and drinks, and promised to return the card later.

But instead of cigarettes and a drink, Pte Billam bought something worth 101 pounds and another item worth 126 pounds.

The court heard that Private Billams’ heavy drinking had caused him little or no money to lose in the past.

Lawyer-judge Alistair McGrigor told Pte Billam he would be fired from the military because it was clear the military no longer wanted to hold him.

He said: “Soldiers who rob their colleagues undermine the respect and comradeship that underpins the life of service.”

Pte Billam of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers told the court that she had “sincerely apologized” for what she had done after pleading guilty to three cases of fraud.

He said, “The things I did were unacceptable and I sincerely apologize.”

In addition to being kicked out of the military, Pte Billam was asked to repay Pte Martin and Lcpl Gibbon in full and received a 12-month community service order with a rehabilitation session of 30 days.

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