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Who is Li Fengping ( Nurse charged after killed doctor who blackmailed her into s*x ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Blackmail, Crime, Incident details, Investigation and More Facts

Li Fengping

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Incident Details

Li Fengping, 25, has decided to take revenge for the alleged s*xual blackmail of the murder of his colleague and the boiling of some of his remains, which the police established by contaminating a bathroom in Yulin, southern China.

A nurse who killed, ridiculed and trained a classmate after being blackmailed for s*x was sentenced to death.

According to local reports in China, Li Fengping, a 25-year-old ambulance nurse, had s*x with the deputy director of orthopedics at her hospital, Luo Yuanjian.

Fengping was reportedly liable to a colleague for gambling addiction and had to pay her creditor for having s*x “sometimes three times a week.”

The disturbing videos recorded by neighbors in the building across from Fengping captured the moment when local authorities made their way to the home of a nurse on a cloth-covered gurney, presumably a doctor.

Fengping was charged with alleged s*xual blackmail for killing his colleague and preparing some of his remains, which the police found in a bathroom.

On March 23, a shocking incident occurred at a nursing home behind the Yulin People’s Hospital in Yulin in the South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Fengping was involved in an alleged s*xual blackmail by killing his colleague and boiling some of his remains, which the police found in a toilet.

According to the national daily Sohu, he was sentenced to death for premeditated murder.

The accused was also sentenced to pay compensation to Momu’s relatives in exchange for 000 98,000 (.11,349).

The execution date of the death penalty has not been set.

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