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Who is Liam Booth (Former Facebook personal security chief of Mark Zuckerberg)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Allegations, Investigations, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Liam Booth

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Liam Booth, former Facebook chief personal security chief of Mark Zuckerberg has again been charged with racist and gender-based conduct in the workplace, a year after leaving office after making similar allegations.

Former secret service agent

Liam Booth, a former secret service agent who worked on President Barack Obama’s personal protection details, resigned from the Zuckerberg family office in 2019 after investigating complaints of s*xual harassment and racism.

Now, three former current employees of the family’s secret office, called West Street, have filed new claims against Booth in affidavits reported by Business Insider.

Zuckerberg spokesperson said

News on Tuesday was unable to immediately reach Booth and a Zuckerberg spokesperson said an outside investigation found nothing to substantiate the allegations, calling them baseless allegations by disgruntled former employees who are looking for a day of legal payment.

There have been no charges of fault committed by Mark Zuckerberg or his wife personally. The allegations are also unrelated to Facebook’s workplace.

Professional misconduct

The new allegations of professional misconduct were prepared by the attorney’s office, Lisa Bloom, who represents two former West Street employees in a lawsuit against their former employer.

West Street manages the personal affairs of Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, including the maintenance of their property in Hawaii and the hiring of babysitters, chefs and other domestic workers.

The new statements accuse Booth, who led Zuckerberg’s personal safety, of shocking behavior in the workplace, according to Business Insider.

In one case, a former senior executive protection official claimed that Booth declared the Black Lives Matter movement to be a “terrorist organization” and described a black worker as a “ ghetto b *** h ”, and a ‘c ** t. ”

A security official said

In another statement, a security official said that Booth said he was “ tired of all the bulls in the Black Lives Matter ** t ” and that he “ often used the word ‘n * **** ‘to label Africans. . Americans.

In addition, she said that Booth despised Chan, who is Asian, calling her “a bad driver and deliberately squinting.”

She also said that Booth “was against Priscilla Chan’s goal that the workforce be more diverse and employ more people of color.”

The three workers said in statements that they heard Booth making anti-gay comments.

An administrative official said that Booth “made homophobic jokes” at the expense of a gay official, while the former chief protection officer and security guard said he heard him use insult “f * g “.

In previous request letters sent by Bloom’s law firm, Booth was also charged with slapping the groin and grabbing the buttocks of a gay worker during an event in July 2018.

The administrative manager stated in her statement that she was present at the event and that she “saw Mr. Booth put his hands on the buttocks [of this employee] that evening”.

“[He] told me that the non-consensual contact made him uncomfortable,” she said of the gay official. She also claimed that Booth s*xually harassed her that night, putting her arm around her waist and making her s*xual.

Of the three statements, two were signed by former West Street employees and one by a current West Street employee.

Zuckerberg’s personal spokesperson, Ben LaBolt

Zuckerberg’s personal spokesperson, Ben LaBolt, told Business Insider that the current employee, the administrative employee, had withdrawn some of the allegations in his statement.

Booth resigned last year after an investigation into alleged workplace violations.

At the time, Booth was accused of making racist comments like “white lives are more important than black lives”.

In addition, Booth is said to have referred to a transgendered Family Office employee as “he” after refusing to use his favorite pronouns.

“ As noted earlier, most of these allegations were made by a small group of disgruntled former employees … who are trying to defame the Family Office after the Family Office declined its multimillion-dollar claims after have quit their job. , – said LaBolt.

“Our Family Office follows a strict code of conduct which requires appropriate behavior on the part of all the members of our teams,” he continued.