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Lindsay de Feliz

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“Several people” – including Danilo, 50-year-old Dominican husband of Lindsay de Feliz, have now been arrested, confirmed a local detective. Local reports indicated that one of his sons-in-law had also been kept. The body of expats was found in plastic bags in the woods near their home in Moncion northeast of the island of the sun. The ominous discovery was made shortly after noon local time Thursday, after a massive search involving friends, police and civil protection personnel.

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Former friends of the expatriate, trained at the University of Wolverhampton, who wrote books on their lives in the sun, offered a reward for the information that led to their discovery. Lindsay worked for a number of financial services companies in the UK before traveling the world as a diving instructor and settling in the Dominican Republic. She described herself on social media as an author, blogger, researcher and translator. One of the books she wrote was an Amazon bestseller titled “What About Your Saucepans”. That showed how she said goodbye to marriage and a dream lifestyle of expensive holidays and UK brand cars to make her dream come true. In the book, she also told how she was shot in a failed flight in 2006.

In an interview last year, she said about her new life in the sun: “I came here for six months and I stayed. “I married a Dominican and worked as a diving instructor and everything was perfect until the day I was shot in the throat when I broke into my house.” A bullet went through my lungs and I could not breathe. “A great fear was that I was going to die, which I almost did.” I was taken to the hospital by friends in the back of a motorcycle six hours later. ”
Lindsay, who was probably in her early 60s and originally from Cambridgeshire, was last seen at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when she got off a bus outside her house. A local police spokesperson admitted before his body was found to be “very concerned” about his well-being, and said that her husband had been interrogated after he was “regularly” arrested when a search was made. massive started.

A colleague confirmed after being found dead: “The body we found is that of the missing British woman. “He was discovered behind his house. She was murdered. Some people, including her husband, are under arrest, but we are still investigating and cannot say who we believe is responsible.” said in a message on a photo of a black stripe, “It’s shocking and devastating. We will miss you Lindsay.” You were such a beautiful person with a heart full of gold. RIP my friend. ”

Another added, “It made me sick. Rest in peace, Lindsay. Life has not treated you fairly. I can’t believe this is happening. “The prestigious Dominican newspaper, Hoy, reported that one of Danilo’s adult sons, Dani Alberto Feliz Martinez (29), was another inmate. He named the third as a man named Aquilino Rosario Sanchez , 37 years old. “His body was found half a meter below ground in a wooded area and wrapped in black plastic bags. His head was in another black bag with tape around his neck, ”he added. Another local newspaper quoted a prosecutor by the name of Sumaya Rodriguez who said that Lindsay’s husband had been arrested “as the main suspect in his death”.

Police in the Dominican Republic have 72 hours after arrest to arrest people before the prosecution decides to charge them or not. In a YouTube interview titled “Escape the rat to make your dream come true”, she said: “In Britain, I was making a quarter of a million dollars a year, maybe half a million in bonuses” . “I had so much money that I did not know what to do with it – cutting my hair every six weeks was $ 600- $ 700. It was peanuts.” I should have been happy, but when I woke up in the morning, I jumped I did not get out of bed and the only time I was really happy was diving. ”



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