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Who is Lisa Landon ( Prosecutor drop her drug and stalking case, The evidence presented to court was false ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Charges, Incident Information, Investigations and More Facts

Lisa Landon

Lisa Landon Biography                                                     Lisa Landon Wiki

A New Hampshire woman was charged with other charges of pretending to be a prosecutor in an attempt to drop her drug and stalking case. An indictment was published earlier this month.

Charges Against Landon

Lisa Landon, 33, allegedly identified herself as the Hillsborough County prosecutor when she filed complaints in three different lawsuits in November and December. According to the New Hampshire union leader, the false documents, which normally entered the state’s electronic criminal record system, indicated that the criminal charges against Landon had been dropped.

The news agency reported that Landon had been charged in Manchester with harassment and possession of methamphetamine.

The Hillsborough County District Attorney’s Office reportedly became suspicious in November when the state forensic pathologist contacted them about Landon’s skills assessment. The investigator noted that the court had raised the case and contacted the prosecutor to see if the union leader said the proposed investigation should continue.

David Anderson

Supreme Court Justice David Anderson wrote in his ruling that prosecutors “quickly realized” that Assistant District Attorney Patrice Casian had not filed a motion to dismiss the Landon case.

The union leader said Landon also falsified a document showing that a retired judge waived filing fees in a lawsuit filed against Hillsborough County. She was also charged with filing an order on behalf of a father to end the guardianship case against Landon’s son.

False Evidence Was Charged

Landon was charged with misrepresentation and falsification of material evidence. The news agency reported that a grand jury also charged them with robbery and theft.

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