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Who is Lisa Montgomery ( Lawyers for killer who strangled pregnant mom & cut baby from womb have coronavirus ) Wiki, bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Lisa Montgomery

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A woman Lisa Montgomery who strangled a pregnant woman and excised her newborn baby is due to be executed in December, but her lawyers appear to have coronavirus, which has prompted her to ask for a kickback.

Lawyers for Lisa Montgomery filed a lawsuit

Fox News reports that lawyers for Lisa Montgomery filed a lawsuit on Thursday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, accusing Attorney General William Barr of plotting to kill Montgomery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Montgomery’s attorneys Amy Harwell and Kelley Henry said they traveled twice from Tennessee to Texas to visit Montgomery, which is currently housed at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth.

“Ms. Montgomery’s sanity – and the extent to which she can understand what is happening to her – is at the center of her efforts to find redress and convert her sentence to life imprisonment,” the motion reads.

“It is important that the lawyer can meet Ms. Montgomery in person to assess her mental state. This is all the more important given that mental health experts who have studied Ms Montgomery in the past cannot make it to jail due to the pandemic. ”

“Each round trip included two plane flights, transit through two airports, hotel stays, and interactions with dozens of people, including flight attendants, rental car workers, passengers and passengers. prison guards.

The lawsuit added that Montgomery’s mental health had deteriorated since the pandemic and that she had “multiple intellectual disabilities which often lead her to lose touch with reality.”

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Monday.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Montgomery is currently on the verge of being killed by legal injection on December 8. Montgomery is serving a death sentence for the 2004 murder of 23-year-old pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett with baby Montgomery whose carving knife she cut at Stinnett’s in Skidmore, Missouri.

“Women who commit such crimes are themselves likely victims. These are important factors that make death sentences inappropriate, ”the group said.

Montgomery, according to the advocacy group, was sexually abused by her own father as a young child. When she was a teenager, her mother allegedly sold her to men.

No one intervened during the abuse, and Montgomery developed “dissociative disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.” She also inherited genes that caused serious mental illnesses on both sides of her family.

“Even today, her impact on reality is fragile and is only sustained with a complex regimen of psychotropic drugs that she never received before her imprisonment,” the letter said.

Supporters of the death penalty for Montgomery find it hard to forget the atrocities of their crime.