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London protests; Protesters gathered in London despite police warnings, Details, Videos, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Facts

London protests

Thousands of protesters gathered in central London

London protests, Thousands of protesters gathered in central London, despite police warnings to avoid protests.

London protests

The police found restrictions on several groups that planned to demonstrate on Saturday.

Measures including the end of the events at 17:00 BST are in effect after violent scenes last weekend.

Demonstration by the Black Lives Matter program

A demonstration by the Black Lives Matter program, scheduled for Saturday, was anticipated by one day for fear of clashes with far-right groups.

Organizers asked people not to participate in any anti-racism demonstrations scheduled for the weekend.
However, other protesters gathered around the cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall and the statue aboard Winston Churchill on Saturday.

Several groups across the country, including right-wing activists and groups made up of football fans, said they came to London to protect the symbols of British history.

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Protesters was Paul Golding, head of the far-right group Britain First

Among the protesters was Paul Golding, head of the far-right group Britain First, who said he was “guarding our monuments”.

Churchill’s statue was wrapped to protect it from possible damage, after protesters said it was “racist” last weekend.

The protesters sang the national anthem and sang “England”, in a tense atmosphere and with a strong police presence.
A large group moved to barricades outside Downing Street and several items were thrown at the police.

Sharing images of the clashes on Twitter, Interior Minister Priti Patel described it as “unacceptable harassment”.

“Any perpetrator of violence or vandalism should expect to face the full force of the law,” she wrote.

“Violence against our policemen will not be tolerated.”

She added that the coronavirus “remains a threat to all of us”, asking people to come home.

Police said they had enforced an order under section 60 by 2:00 am on Sunday, giving police expanded powers to arrest and search individuals.

The Met said the decision was made after it learned that some people were entering London to do damage and would likely carry weapons with them.

Before, the police asked protesters not to participate in protests in the capital due to the pandemic.

“We ask that you do not come to London and make your voice heard differently,” said commander Bas Javid.

The restrictions come after violence and serious unrest in Westminster at the end of protests last weekend.

While the police said the protests were generally peaceful, there were dozens of arrests and 27 policemen were injured.