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Lu Na McKinney

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A father of two children convicted of the murder of his wife, whom he “abused and humiliated”, will serve at least 20 years in prison for the “most heinous” crime.

Stephen McKinney, 45, of Strabane, Tyrone, was convicted of the murder of his wife Lu Na McKinney, 35, earlier this year while on a boating holiday with their two children near Devenish Island. , in County Fermanagh on April 13, 2017.

The couple chartered a cruise ship docked on Devenish Island for the night, but the next day his body was found in the water near a pier.

Murderer Sentenced 20-year in prison

On Thursday, Judge Denise McBride sentenced McKinney to life in prison at the Belfast Crown Court and said he must serve a minimum sentence of 20 years before being considered for release.

The judge called the murder “the most heinous crime” and said it was deliberately and carefully planned.

She told McKinney: “She was abused, humiliated, manipulated and controlled and in the end she took her own life.

“It was such a cruel and useless act. You were someone I should have trusted, but you betrayed that position and ended your life prematurely.

The judge focused mainly on the presence of the children that night, which in his opinion “were not accidental but intentional, as the accused tried cynically to exploit the presence of his children to keep him away. The suspicion of his” attempted homocide”. . ”

She added: “They denied him the opportunity to watch her children grow up. You left a trail of destruction.

“Two young children were denied the love, care and support of their mothers.

“His action left the children without parents to care for them and their lives were irrevocably affected. ”

McKinney screamed when he was taken away and went on to plead innocent.

He has always claimed that her wife fell into the water and that he tried to save her.

When QC Attorney Richard Weir asked how Lu Na fell into the water during the trial earlier this year, McKinney replied, “I don’t know, he just landed in the water” and that “then he jumped into the lake. “. She.

“I was in the water looking for her, I tried, I tried to hug her, I tried to hug her. I grabbed her, but she fell and she tried to pull her up on her.

“I tried to lift her and she fell”, then he added, “And she pulled me down.”

But the judge said the murder was the culmination of coercion and behavior control during their marriage.

In a statement released on behalf of Lu Na’s family, they thanked the judge, the jury and the PSNI for their work on the case.

They said: “We have been through four very difficult years as a family, making life so far from the investigation and trial.

“We are grateful that Lu Na had so many people who fought for her.

“The result of this legal process has done us justice.

“It doesn’t change the fact that Lu Na was taken away from us so cruelly and we will never be able to see her, talk to her or celebrate Lu Na about her at our family reunions.”

During the brief hearing, Judge McBride also paid tribute to a female detective who had worked on the case but she died before the trial began after contracting Covid-19.

Detective Superintendent Eamon Corrigan of the PSNI Senior Investigation Team said, “Today my thoughts are with Lu Na’s children and family, whose suffering and loss will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

“I know today’s sentence will never bring Lu Na back, but I hope this result will bring some comfort to her family.

“Stephen McKinney thought he silenced Lu Na, but he didn’t, the police defended them and found justice.”

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