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Who is Lucy Letby ( Children nurse who killed Eight babies & trying to murder Ten more babies ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Lucy Letby

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  • Lucy Letby was first arrested by Cheshire Police in 2018 for a hospital death
  • Chester University graduate was arrested again in 2019 for the same alleged crimes
  • Friends of the then-nurse said the ‘good-hearted’ newborn nurse was innocent
  • Lucy Letby, 30, has been charged with eight murders and ten attempted murders

A pediatric nurse is expected to appear in court today for the murder of eight children and the attempted murder of ten

Lucy Letby was charged last night after being arrested for the third time for death on Tuesday this week.

The allegations, which cover all between 2015 and 2016, follow an investigation into the deaths of children at Countess of Chester Hospital.

Lucy Letby, 30, was arrested by Cheshire police in 2018 after the death toll at the hospital soared.

The Chester University graduate, who was once the face of a £ 3 million fundraiser and also worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, was arrested again in 2019 and earlier this week for the same thing. alleged crimes.

Police opened an investigation after the hospital expressed concern about the high death toll between March 2015 and July 2016, which was 10% higher than average.

An internal investigation was carried out when health professionals found that premature babies had died of heart and lung failure, but it was unusually impossible to resuscitate them.

Letby’s friends and family at the time said they firmly believed the “clumsy” but “caring” newborn nurse was innocent.

Hereford’s Letby will appear in Warrington Magistrates Court on Thursday.

What Cheif Inspector ”Paul Hughes” said?

Following her arrest earlier this week, Paul Hughes, Chief Inspector of Detectives for the Cheshire Police Department, said: “It has been more than three years since we first investigated a series of deaths and breakdowns. nonfatal infants from the Countess of Chester’s Newborn Unit started the hospital.

During this time, a dedicated team of detectives worked very hard on this extremely complex and highly sensitive case, doing their best to discover as quickly as possible what had led to these dead and shattered children.

In July 2018, a doctor was arrested for murder related to the deaths of eight babies and the attempted murder of six babies in the neonatal ward of The Countess of Chester Hospital.

She was then released on bail for further investigation.

In June 2019, health workers were again arrested for murder related to the death of eight children and the attempted murder of six children.

She was also arrested in connection with the attempted murder of three other children.

“On November 10, as part of our ongoing investigation, health workers were again arrested for murder in connection with the deaths of eight children and the attempted murder of nine children.”

The police opened an investigation into the death of newborns at the hospital in May 2017.

The investigation was then expanded to include the deaths of 17 children and 16 non-fatal breakdowns between March 2015 and July 2016.

The investigation came after the hospital raised concerns about the high number of deaths between March 2015 and July 2016, which were reportedly 10% above average.

Two children died at the scene in 2013, but in 2015 it quadrupled to eight.

An internal investigation was carried out when health professionals found that premature babies had died of heart and lung failure, but it was unusually impossible to resuscitate them.

A report also found that the children had unusual spots on their arms and legs after their death.

However, the cause of death could not be established and police were asked to investigate the case in 2017.

Following her previous arrests, the police ransacked Letby’s £ 180,000 home in Chester’s Blacon district, as well as her parents’ home in Hereford.

Despite allegations against her, a friend had previously described Letby as a “professional nurse” dedicated to her “dream job” and “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “We’re still catching up to be honest.

“ Even after I sleep, I think everyone here is still shocked and incredulous.

“ Lucy did the job she had dreamed of and seemed nothing more than dedicated and professional. You can’t imagine a fly hurting, let alone helpless children. ”

Another neighbor across the street, who also refused to be identified, added, “I can’t add much to what has already been said about you.

“I met her as a kid and she was as cute as anything. I saw her grow up and she looked like a beautiful woman.

“So this is profound and absolutely shocking news. I do not understand.

“When you hear about this, there is always a person or two who say, ‘I thought something was wrong with you.

But with Lucy, you will only hear positive things.

A worker at a shop near the family home said, “You turn up every now and then and are a very polite family. They all seem very nice and normal.

“It’s shocking because it’s a beautiful area and we rarely see the police here.”

Lucy Letby was determined to continue nursing after leaving her elementary school in Hereford.

She has been described as a “geek” and has always wanted to do good by helping charitable causes.

In 2013, she faced a £ 3 million appeal to build a new pediatric unit in the hospital.

Jordan Sands, who knew her through an ex-girlfriend, said, “She was pretty clumsy and geeky, but she seemed like a kind person.”

Another friend, who asked not to be identified, described her as “an extraordinary person”.

The hospital called police in May 2017 after a 2016 report from the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health found the unit was understaffed.

Although the review found no reason for the increase in infant deaths between June 2015 and June 2016, it identified a number of concerns.

These included significant gaps in the medical and nursing shift, insufficient coverage by experienced doctors, poor decision-making and the reluctance of employees to seek advice from colleagues.

Two children died in the unit in 2013 and three in 2014, but the death rate dropped to eight in 2015 and by June 2016 five children had died that year.

The rising death rate has caused the hospital to stop caring for babies born 32 weeks ago and close its three intensive care units.

The shocked neighbors of Miss Letby’s parents in Hereford described her as “very career-motivated” and said she was busy trying to find a job with the NHS.

A neighbor said, “I was woken up by an oncoming police car. It’s a very quiet street and you wouldn’t expect it to happen right on your street.

When asked in 2013, Miss Letby said she had worked in the neonatal department since studying as a pediatric nurse at the University of Chester two years earlier.

In the photo with her pajamas in support of a fundraiser for a local newspaper, she added, “My job is to look after a wide range of children who need different levels of support.

“Some are here for a few days, others for months, and I love to see them grow up and support their families.

“I am currently receiving additional training to develop and improve my knowledge and skills in the intensive care unit.”

In 2011, her parents, John and Susan, published a photo of their daughter proudly wearing her mortar hat in the local newspaper to congratulate her on graduation with honors.

A neighbor said her only daughter was “very motivated by her career” and described her as “very committed to her work”.

“Her parents have been my neighbors for at least 25 years, so I saw Lucy grow up,” she says.

Lucy Letby lives far away but visits her often as a good girl. They loved it … they had just returned from a week’s vacation in Torquay.

He added, “I can’t really believe it. It was delicious. His parents have to go through hell.