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Who is the person called flight attendant a Blonde? Luke Sikalias Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Incident, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Net Wealth, Profession, Past Records, Charges, Qantas Airline Spokesperson and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Luke Sikalias

Luke Sikalias Short Biography Wiki

A Qantas engineer Luke Sikalias was fired after slapping a hostess in the background before taking off.

Luke Sikalias lost his unfair dismissal to the Fair Work Commission after an incident before a flight from Melbourne to Sydney in May 2018.

Luke Sikalias Age

He is 55 years old.

Luke Sikalias Called a Blonde

The 55-year-old asked the woman if she was single and said he likes blondes before slapping her and leaving his hand on her body.

The father of two left the flight, before being called back on the plane due to a mechanical problem he said he caused, so he could ask the flight attendant for a date.
The vice-president of the Labor Commission, Justo Val Gostencnik, said that Sikalias’ actions were “frightening”.
“A little common sense should tell someone that the driving … is not in progress,” he said, as reported by the Brisbane Times.

Luke Sikalias Past Record

Sikalias had another incident with the flight attendant in November 2018, where he slapped her in the back, saying that he intended to touch her.

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Luke Sikalias Charges

He denied the charges of sexual harassment and was dismissed in March 2019.

Sikalias was forced to live with his parents and could not provide for his children after his dismissal.
He stated that he was professional at work, while the flight attendant complained to the other employees about his behavior, although no one found any misconduct.

Federal secretary of the Australian Association

The federal secretary of the Australian Association of Licensed Engineers Steve Purvinas was frustrated by the fair work verdict due to a lack of evidence.

“A man with 37 years of experience, the only job he has ever had in his life, lost his income and his career because of a report of which there are no witnesses,” he said. -he declares.

Qantas Airline Spokesperson

A spokesperson for Qantas said he would not allow harassment in the workplace.

“We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment,” they said. “Everyone should feel safe and respected when it comes to work.”

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