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Who was Luke Westlake ( Actor hanged himself while out of work during lockdown ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Luke Westlake

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An investigator who appeared alongside Idris Elba in the BBC drama Luther hanged himself during Covid’s first ban when he was unemployed.

Luke Westlake, 26, had texted his ex-girlfriend threatening to commit suicide the day before her death, a medical examiner learned today.

After graduating from one of the UK’s top acting schools in 2017, the talented actor appeared in Luther and BBC dramas Doctors and No Offense.

Investigation Found

An investigation found today that the actor was stressed out about being unemployed and suffering from a long-distance relationship breakup during his first statewide closure last year.

Luke from Aylesbury, Bucks., Attempted suicide in April and again in June, the coroner learned.

Just over a week after the first attempt in June, Luke texted his ex-girlfriend Hannah Llewelyn threatening to kill himself – something that “wasn’t unusual,” the coroner said.

Tragically, the young actor was found dead the next morning, June 18.

The cause of death was not yet known after an autopsy, and a toxicologist discovered a significant amount of THC in Luke’s body, suggesting excessive use of cannabis.

During the investigation of Beaconsfield, Bucks, Luke is said to have sought therapy for child abuse in the months leading up to his death.

But the actor was frustrated after being turned down because the stuntmen wanted him to tackle his drug and alcohol problems first.

Dr John Pimm, clinical director of the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, said in a video link: “If someone uses it, it will be very problematic to get this treatment.

“You should try to solve the drug and alcohol problem and stabilize it for a reasonable period of time.

“The main problem is that in trauma therapy you are immersed in some really painful things from someone’s past, to do that you have to be in a really good place.

“If you haven’t done the previous job, it’s very risky. It’s like having an operation without the previous job.”

Coroner Michael Walsh, who sat across from parents Bridgette and Lee Westlake, ended the investigation with a suicide sentence.

He said: “Luke was 26 at the time of his death. He had a history of anxiety and depression, as well as significant alcohol and cannabis abuse which was used as a coping mechanism.”

“He had reported child abuse and disagreed with doctors’ plans to deal with drug addiction before receiving traumatic treatment in his youth.

Luke struggled with stressful triggers: his relationship and his job. It turned out that it was not unusual for him to threaten to harm himself. One such occasion occurred on June 17.

“He threatened to kill himself and took cannabis just before he died.”

Luke graduated from ArtsEd Theater School in Chiswick, West London in 2017.

His early acting hits included the recurring role of Adam Miller in ITV’s Dark Heart. He also played Dean Wayne in the third season of No Offense and appeared in BBC One’s Doctors.

A spokesperson for the renowned drama school said on Twitter: “Today we pay tribute to Luke Westlake, who completed a BA in theater in 2017.

“As a passionate person, creative soul and brilliant actor, we are very sad to hear of his death.”


The BWH agency also said: “We pay tribute to our beautiful client Luke Westlake with extreme sadness.

“Luke was an exceptionally intelligent, instinctive and truly transformative actor whose death was nothing short of a tragedy.”

Since then, other partner acting schools have launched the Luke Westlake Scholarship, which awards students with over £ 3,000 of artistic and financial support for their final year and early years in the theater industry.

They said: “The scholarship came about when we discovered that many actors were excluded from their careers after completing their training.

“This year we changed the name of the scholarship in memory of Luke Westlake, a friend and talented actor. As a hard-working, wild and hardworking actor, he represents everything the scholarship stands for. “”

A JustGiving page created in memory of him raised nearly £ 4,000 for mental health services for artists.

A post on the page says, “He was successful in his first year after leaving Arts Ed and appeared in Luther, Dark Heart, No Offense and Doctors. He was so talented and d

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