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Who is Lynda Adams ( Rugby legend Wally Lewis new lover is revealed to be a glamorous mother-of-one ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Twitter and More Facts

Lynda Adams

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Rugby legend Wally Lewis is with a mother Lynda Adams from a tragic past who made her a passionate volunteer for a miscarriage support group.

“the king”

The Queensland chestnut legend, commonly known as “the king” for his supremacy over the home state in the 1980s and early 1990s, rocked the sports world on Monday night when he confirmed his separation from his wife and mother of three children.

Lewis released a statement saying he silently broke up with his 36-year-old wife, Jacqui, last year and is in a new relationship.

Lynda Adams Age

The 61-year-old is now with Lynda Adams, a volunteer with the Sands Miscarriages, Stillbirths and Newborn Deaths support group in Townsville.

Ms Adams joined the group in 2010 after losing six unborn children to miscarriages in ‘four dark years’.

I was feeling alone. I felt that I was the only woman in the world to go through this incredible pain and loss. When I found Sands I realized I was not alone, ”she wrote on her online support network profile.

Ms. Adams created the Walk to Remember event to unite parents who have lost babies to miscarriages or stillbirths.

“Fortunately, 11 years later, The Walk to Remember helps families across Australia each October as we support each other in education about pregnancy and child loss during the month” , she writes.

Ms Adams had five miscarriages before giving birth through IVF to a girl who is now 15.

She tried her ex-husband, Mark, for a second child, but it resulted in another heartbreaking miscarriage and the couple decided to stop trying.

Ms. Adams previously worked in marketing for a ferry company before taking on an announcer role for a Townsville radio station.

She met her husband while working part-time at the radio station after moving to Townsville in her mid-20s.

When she separated from Mr. Adams, to whom she was married for over 15 years, it is not known.

In the meantime, that was normal for Lewis, who returned to work for the network on Tuesday as he did a live televised crossover from an NRL Brisbane Broncos NRL workout at Red Hill.

Lewis looked worried as he hurried to answer a seemingly strained call in the parking lot, holding his phone to his ear with one hand and rubbing his head with the other.

In a plaid shirt and brown pants, his wedding ring was visibly missing as Lewis paced anxiously in the parking lot before continuing the roll call in his car.

His broken ex-wife declined to comment when contacted by Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday.

The bombshell comes nearly three months after Lewis sold his beloved family home in Brisbane for $ 2.1 million in less than a week on the market.

Two of the couple’s three adult children have broken the silence with cryptic social media posts after their parents’ separation hit the headlines.

Lincoln Lewis, 33, a former home and away star and Logie winner, thanked friends who came forward following the shock news.

“When you have a friend who looks up and wants only the best for you without a reason … keep him close, such souls are rare,” Lincoln wrote.