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Madison Sparrow

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Two people are now charged with murder in connection with the death of a 17-year-old Delaware teenager Madison Sparrow who was found dead last month in a wooded area of ​​Newark.

Annika Stalczynski Age

Delaware Online reports that her classmate, 17-year-old Annika Stalczynski, was arrested on Monday in connection with Madison Sparrow’s death and charged with first degree murder. Stalczynski is the second person charged in this case. Police arrested Sparrow’s ex-boyfriend Noah Sharp, 19, last month, and also charged him with first degree murder.

On October 2, Sparrow’s mother reported her missing after the teenager failed to return home after a brief trip to the store with a friend. A Gold Alert was raised for Sparrow the following night, but the next day authorities found her in a “wooded area” off Interstate 95 and Route 896.

After interviewing friends and family, detectives learned that Sparrow had allegedly visited an area of ​​town where Sharp “was”. On October 5, investigators interviewed Sharp, who allegedly admitted to being involved in the murder.

Police said Sharp claimed he hit Sparrow in the head with an aluminum bat behind Maclary Elementary School in Newark before moving his body and dropping it in a secluded wooded area.

Sharp named Stalczynski as his co-conspirator and said they both planned the murder in advance.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said she could not yet speak to the motive or further details of the case because they were “ethically reluctant for good reasons.”

“Every murder is a scandal, but the murder of a child touches everything that matters to us,” Jennings said. “Madison was stolen from her family and friends with her life and dreams in front of her. Hundreds of people who knew and loved this sweet young woman were killed and subjected to cruel trauma. ”

Sparrow and Stalczynski were classmates at Newark Charter High School, reports Philly Voice. District Attorney A.J. Roop said the two girls had known each other for some time.

“I think they had a relationship that goes back several years,” Roop said. “I won’t learn much more about it or what it looked like lately, but they were acquaintances and they knew each other.”

An autopsy confirmed Sparrow died of a blunt trauma to the head. Authorities found evidence at the elementary school crime scene, including the baseball bat, drop of blood, and the clothes Sparrow was wearing when she went missing.
Stalczynski and Sharp are also charged with conspiracy to possess a lethal weapon by committing a felony. The two remain behind bars on a $ 1 million bond.