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Who is Madog Rowlands ( Man 23, Guilty of murdered his fiancée ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Madog Rowlands

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A man has been found guilty of murdering his fiancée.

Madog Rowlands, 23, of Wrexham denied the murder of 21-year-old Lauren Griffiths in her flat on Glynrhondda Street in Cathays, Cardiff, in 2019.

However, a Newport Crown Court jury found him guilty.

Incident Details

The jury learned that he strangled Ms. Griffiths in her apartment last April, but they waited more than a day before calling 999.

They also recounted how he had been arrested a year earlier for a similar attack on Mrs Griffiths and that the couple had planned to get married in a pagan ceremony.

The jury listened to a taped 999 call in which Rowlands told the operator: “I accidentally killed my fiancée.”

As he cried over the phone, he was heard saying, “I accidentally killed Lauren, we had a fight …

“I took a lot of LSD and MDMA.”

What Attorney Said ?

Attorney Michael Jones said Rowlands “deliberately strangled Ms. Griffiths around the neck with his bare hands.”

The court heard “several times” after Ms. Griffiths’ death that she had “gone to a store to buy things” and “had partially wrapped her body in plastic wrap, duct tape and trash bags.”

He then took the money from his bank accounts and from Ms. Griffith, ordered and arranged the delivery of medicines, ordered takeaways from Subway and Dominos, and tried to open a Netflix account on his mobile phone. Jones added.

Rowland’s defense had been that he had killed his fiancée in “self-defense”.

The court was told that Ms. Griffiths suffered from involuntary dissociative episodes which manifested in three different personalities, one of which was described as “depressed, angry and negative”.

Defense attorney Caroline Rees said Rowlands had to “reach out to her throat to loosen her grip” and said it was a “stomach reaction”.

Rowlands remains in custody and is sentenced on January 8.

Following the verdict, Detective Inspector Stuart Wales said, “Lauren was a beloved daughter and sister with a bright future.

“Your family has shown extraordinary patience and dignity during this long and heartbreaking experience.

“We hope now you can start recovering and rebuilding your life.”

He said the fact that Rowlands waited 24 hours before calling 999 meant he was “completely ignoring the chances of survival he might have had.”

“At no time did she show any significant concern for Lauren’s well-being or dignity,” she added.