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Who is Malachi Maxon ( Man charged with murder of his Aunt & 3-causins ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Malachi Maxon

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An 18-year-old from Alaska, fresh out of prison for assault, was charged with killing four members of his family, including two 7 and 10-year-old cousins. Alaskan state soldiers say another 6-year-old was apparently rescued early Monday while shooting north of Anchorage for broken bullets

Malachi Maxon has been charged with four first-degree killings, among others, and will be charged on Wednesday. He was assigned a public defense attorney and an email to the Palmer Public Defense Agency was not immediately returned on Tuesday.

Maxon is accused of shooting an 18-year-old cousin, Cody Roehl, and stealing a vehicle and a Glock semi-automatic pistol from a house near Wasilla early Monday morning. from Alaska, Ted Nordgaarden. Roehl was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Maxon then traveled to Palmer, where authorities say he entered a house through a basement window where he shot his aunt and two cousins.

Responding agents found her aunt Kimora Buster (43) dead on the floor. In one bedroom, they found a boy, Ellison Buster, 7, who died in bed, and Sienna Buster, 10, who was injured in bed. She was also taken to hospital, where she later died, authorities said.

The prosecution claims that a 6-year-old boy, identified only as AB in the records, was found in bed with Ellison and was not injured. Police found several defective cartridges during the flood.

“The scene revealed used shells in front of the broken window, and the number of bullets fired at each person looked more or less the same except Ellison. There were several other bed shooting errors where Ellison and AB were found than the other bodies, indicating that Maxon probably attempted to shoot AB, who was sleeping near the wall, “the prosecution says.

Maxon was later arrested while driving on the only highway between Anchorage and Palmer. After his detention and transfer between facilities, according to Maxon, authorities attempted to remove a pistol from a soldier’s holster and escape before he was overwhelmed.

On November 23, Maxon was released without further investigation after being arrested for domestic assault. The indictment states that Maxon lived with his aunt and cousins ​​for a few days.

The reason for the shooting was not specified in the police records.

When Maxon was photographed after his arrest, officers found cuts and other wounds on his legs that appeared to have been caused by shattered glass. An audio recording from a surveillance camera in the house captured the sounds of the shot and the crash of glass. The allegations also claim that the recording recorded the sounds of Maxon walking on the broken glass as he scrambled through the broken glass to walk.

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