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Father Daughter were attacked by a group at Manhattan bodega, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Viral Video, Investigations, Arrest, Victims, Suspect and More Facts

Manhattan bodega

Victor Martinez Medina Family Biography    Wiki

Manhattan bodega, The NYPD released a shocking video on Thursday showing the time the father and daughter were attacked by a violent mob at a store in upper Manhattan.

Victor Martinez Medina Age

He is 41 years old.

Victor Martinez Medina a Mexican immigran

Victor Martinez Medina, 41, a Mexican immigrant who moved to New York City 15 years ago, was stunned by the group targeting his 22-year-old daughter.

Wife Rosa Santo

His wife Rosa Santo, 39, watched the savage beating in horror outside the store before a mob stole his phone when he called 911.

Police have identified three of the suspects in the cruel one-sided attack that began due to continuing tensions between Medina’s daughter and another woman from the neighborhood.

Suspect details

Officers wish to speak with Devonte Phillips, 21, Tyquan Dupont, 22, and Tyrone Lawrence, 26, while asking the audience for help in identifying other people seen in the video.

Medina family shopping at Manhattan bodega

The Medina family were shopping for food at their local Amsterdam Avenue store near W. 164th St in Washington Heights on July 7 when a group of a dozen people rushed to the store and started beating them. using beer bottles.

“I started to feel beatings everywhere. They caught me … everything is messed up. (My wife) says I was thrown to the ground and I don’t even remember. I just remember they came and started hitting and kicking me.

“But after that, I don’t remember anything else.”

His daughter feared she was dead when the chaos finally ended and he was taken to New York hospitals and Harlem hospitals.

Medina has four loose teeth and black and blue gums, but he considers himself lucky that he did not suffer serious injuries.

“I saw the video today and I said to my wife, ‘My head or body is very hard because I was lucky,’ he said.

“Like everyone who comes to this country, I was just hoping to create a better quality of life … but you don’t think of all the things you will find. I’m not the first person this has happened with. But I am lucky.

Her daughter was treated for her injuries at the scene.

Incident Details

The video begins with the two women already in the middle of the brawl, as Medina does her best to intervene before the group of other men come forward and push him back to the fridge.

Her daughter is held by the hair by another woman as she is dragged through the store and the helpless Medina watches.

Another woman jumps forward and starts hitting the girl with the girl on the head and they are pushed back, out of sight of the camera.

Another man suddenly runs to the store and goes straight to Medina, punching him in the head until he falls to the ground.

Next, it shows the girl from Medina being dragged to the frame where the woman holding her opens the refrigerator door and begins to crush beer bottles on her back.

Father and daughter pushed behind the bodega counter trying to escape and the group continues to strike.

Medina was reportedly knocked out and then beaten several times.

The final clip shows a worried Santos nervously walks into the door before his phone is removed from his hand.

Some of the men in the group are seen recording the attack on their phones.

New York Police

New York Police on Thursday released images of eight suspects and witnesses to the attack, three of whom have already been identified.

The three identified suspects have already been arrested in the past 18 months, according to the Daily News.

Dupont was arrested for petty theft, two counts of criminal possession of stolen property and major theft.

Lawrence was arrested for drug possession and aggravated harassment and Phillips for narcotics

Santos was also in shock after the attack on her husband, a few blocks from her home, and now worries about how his stepdaughter will handle this, knowing that the attackers are still at large.

‘I was shocked. I thought they killed him. He was covered in blood. Shards of glass were everywhere. Oh Lord, Holy Spirit, I was afraid they would come back, ”she said.

“People started to come in and I saw the whole bodega full. I thought, “What’s going to happen? My husband is in there.” I was shocked.

“We don’t even know them. They could have killed my husband. I take care of him like, because he is afraid to leave the house. ‘


No arrests were made.