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Marc Schatzle

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A “s*x game gone awry” reportedly woke hotel guests at 3am when a German bouncer was charged with the murder of a British heiress.

Marc Schatzle (30) will be tried in Switzerland for the death of Anna Reed (22) and for fraud and theft.

The German, father of two, who has tattoos on his face, met privately educated Anna in Thailand on a world tour.

After a whirlwind of romance, the couple booked the elegant La Palma au Lac hotel in Locarno, at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

Anna of Harrogate, North Yorks, heir to a multimillion-dollar racehorse, was found dead in her hotel bathroom in April 2019.

An autopsy confirmed that she died from strangulation and also had minor cuts and fractures.

Swiss prosecutors say Schatzle claims Anna died in an “erotic game gone bad”.

However, according to the Times, at 3 a.m., before Anna was found dead, Swiss hotel guests complained about the noise in Room 501.

A doorman was reportedly called to the penthouse suite for £ 200 a night in an attempt to defuse the situation.

The next morning, Schatzle went into the lobby and looked “excited,” a hotel source said.

They told the Times: “The receptionist understood from her tone that it was a serious ambulance.

“The doctors went straight into the room. It was on the bathroom floor.

“You tried to revive her, but you got no answer. She was already dead. ”

Schatzle denies

Schatzle denies that he deliberately killed Anna, but the Swiss police do not believe him.

Investigators found one of Anna’s credit cards hidden in one of the hotel’s elevators and suspect that Schatzle stole it and hid it before or after her death.

A prosecutor source told the Times: “The claim that she died in a s*x game was never convincing. We believe she was killed for financial reasons.”

And if Schatzle and Anna looked like an odd couple because of their looks, they couldn’t have been more different.

Schatzle’s name on social media is “Marc Dirtywhite”, where Dirty White is a street term for “raw cocaine” and also a biker gang made up of a group of white supremacists.

There is no evidence to suggest that Schatzle, who is heavily tattooed and has the word “warrior” on his forehead, has supremacist views.

Anna, whose grandfather was Guy Reed, a well-known racehorse owner and breeder, received private training at Ashville College in England and moved to Berlin after graduating from high school.

Judging by her social media posts, the heiress seemed happy with her German boyfriend.

On the night of Anna’s death, they shared a £ 100 bottle of champagne for dinner before heading back to their hotel.

And they were portrayed smiling on the terrace of their lakeside hotel after checking into their apartment hours before the alleged murder.

Schatzle’s ex and the mother of their two children told a Swiss newspaper that they didn’t believe he could be responsible for Ms. Reed’s death.

Michèle Bochsler, who was Schatzle’s partner for eight years, said after her arrest: “I’m 1000% sure I don’t want to kill this young woman.

“It was never violent. Never, never. It just isn’t possible.

“I’m so sure you’re innocent. It was an accident, it must have been.