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Who was Marc Sutton ( Man 34, Brit cyclist killed by French hunter ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Marc Sutton

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Lucas Clerc, 24, mistook Marc Sutton, 34, for a wild boar when he opened fire with a rifle just 150 yards from a residential area

Marc, from Wales, was walking a popular path near his home in light clothing when he was shot in an open area with a clear view.

The hunter who killed the Englishman in October 2018 broke into the Thonon-les-Bains court when he was found guilty of murder.

He was sentenced to four years in prison, three of which were suspended, with a ten-year hunting ban and a five-year firearms ban.

The Sun recounted how Marc’s sister, Katie Toghill, then 32, said she deserved to be shot.

She alleged that her brother repeatedly raped and beat her as a child and fled abroad after confronting her and her mother, Katrina, years later.

Katie said: “He was a fucking rapist and I’m glad he died.

“When I found out that he had been killed, I was totally relieved. It was a heavy load that took hold of my back. I was relieved that I couldn’t hurt ourselves or anyone else. ”

She added: “She deserved to be beaten like an animal, she was the largest animal there was.

“You hunted the right animal. I want the killer to come and do us a favor. “”

Marc’s father called the accusations “lies”, while his partner Jo called them “ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, three other hunters and Clerc’s wife have received a suspended prison sentence of six to 18 months for concealing evidence.

They processed hunting logs to determine that they were not in the area at the time and posted hunting warning signs to make it appear they had taken precautions.

The mostly inexperienced group broke basic safety rules and one member drank a bottle of wine, two beers and smoked cannabis before the hunt, a court said.

One member told the court: “It has always been this way.”

Marc’s partner Jo Watts said: “I am happy that the hunters have been tried and I hope that they have Marc’s death on their conscience and think about him every day.

“It is difficult to accept that Marc’s death could have been prevented if basic safety rules had been established.

“I just hope that people learn lessons and no one suffers the loss of a loved one in such circumstances.”

The couple had lived in La Côte-d’Arbroz, near Les Gets en Haute-Savoie in France, for four years.

They had a restaurant business and had just opened their healthy cafe downtown.