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Who was the Women arrested coughed on groceries for a ‘prank’ forcing store to throw out $35K of food? Margaret Cirko Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Accused, Incident, COVID19 and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Margaret Cirko

Margaret Cirko Short Biography  Wiki

Margaret Cirko, a woman from Pennsylvania, who allegedly coughed for food worth $ 35,000, claiming to be ill during a coronavirus pandemic during a fierce rally, was arrested.

Margaret Cirko Age

She was 35 years old.

Margaret Cirko Accused

Margaret Chirko, 35, was accused of a terrorist threat on Thursday, the day after she allegedly entered the Gerrity supermarket in the Canton of Hanover and coughed for all of her produce.

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Margaret Cirko Entered into Busy Store

On Wednesday, she entered a busy store and threatened her customers, saying that she got sick, and then deliberately coughed and spat on fresh food and other items in the store, police said. Canton of Hanover.

She continued to behave “in several aisles before trying to steal a bag of 12 beers when employees ordered her to leave the store,” the police said.

Margaret Cirko COVID19

The circus would not have been infected with COVID-19, but the store owners had no choice but to throw away some of the goods that he coughed for more than $ 35,000, including fresh food, pastries, meat and other shelves with goods.
“I am also absolutely sick in the stomach due to loss of food. Although spending food is always a shame, in our time, when so many people worry about the safety of our food, this is even more worrying, ”said Joe Fasula, co-owner of the store, Facebook on Wednesday.

After the incident, the store carefully cleaned its shelves to make sure it was safe.

“Today was a very difficult day. If there is no doubt that this woman did it as a perverse joke, we will not risk the health and well-being of our clients, ”Fasula said on Facebook.

Hanover’s store and health inspector worked together to identify each area of ​​the suspect, and the store was cleaned by more than 15 employees, checking store security protocols.